The Cars of The GTA Source Page


Over the years, many questions have come in regarding the cars that my family owns..... in particular, questions regarding their absence from The GTA Source Page. Many visitors have expressed surprise that the cars were not a regular part of the site. Some even asked me to toy with the idea of "sprinkling" them regularly throughout the Page's layout. 

To be bluntly honest, I have always been a bit hesitant to post the cars on the website; I don't want visitors to feel as if I'm "slapping my own back", so to speak. The GTA Source Page is supposed to be about all GTAs, regardless of owner or model..... and we have only two of them.

Still, I have to admit that I am pleased that so many of you have sent in requests about wanting to see each one of our cars in a GTA Spotlight-like feature. Obviously, they are very special to us; we enjoy them both for (1) what they are: performance cars with a stirring soul..... but (2) we also enjoy the fact that having them has allowed us to get out and visit so many great events and shows around the country, which also has allowed us to..... get out and meet so many of you out there who frequent The Source Page. 

And what The Source Page folks want..... whenever possible, The Source Page folks get..... 

So..... Here they are..... The stars of our show, anyway. Each link below will show you the latest views of the cars of The GTA Source Page; for your enjoyment, each link has also been emblazoned with the chosen "moniker" that my wife has bestowed upon each car. All new photos and descriptons of the cars have been used.

For those of you out there who want to see our cars, from The Source Page's vantage point..... nothing but the most current information will do.....





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