GTA Spotlight Submission Feature

The GTA Spotlight is a regular feature here on the Source Page (when submissions are current) that highlights one GTA for each month of the year. Each feature's recipient gets a full one-month-long feature for his/her GTA here on the Source Page, along with a customized GTA Source Page cap denoting the month of the car's GTA Spotlight debut.


For "GTA Spotlight" feature consideration, please observe the following guidelines:

  • Submit good, clear high-resolution photos at least 640 x 480 pixels in size that you think best highlight your car.... and make them shots you think others would like to see as well.
  • Send photos of the exterior of your car featured prominently in the camera frame with an uncluttered background. Be sure that the entire body of the car is featured in the image frame
  • Also send additional photos of the interior, underhood, etc. in order to better complete a full feature of your car. If the lighting is low inside the car or underhood, try and seek out an angle that is better lit.... or use your camera's flash to fill out the image. Remember.... the more pictures, the better the feature!
  • Feel free to also submit any stories and/or experiences regarding your car in writing as well if you like.
  • Be sure to also mention any unusual options, special features, and/or modifications your car has that you wish to highlight.


I will do my best to try to make each feature one that each of you will enjoy. Please bear in mind that sometimes time is scarce, but I will do my best to put together a highlighted car feature that does each one of them justice. At times, it may seem like certain model GTAs get preferential treatment, but rest assured this is not the case.
The order the features appear depend solely on the order that the photos and information is received from individual car owners whose cars qualify. Since the earlier model GTAs were built in much greater numbers, the mathematical percentages of features highlighting earlier GTAs are easy enough to figure. Still, every effort will be made to vary the Spotlight cars as much as possible.

On occasion, I have been had some problems with photos that have been sent in already scanned. Sometimes the various file formats do not "mesh" and I am unable to open the images after receiving them. Naturally, I will notify you if this is the case with your particular submission. This is not nearly as big a problem as it used to be, but it does still happen occasionally.

If you do not have any digital photos of your car, but still would like to be considered for a GTA Spotlight feature, DON'T DESPAIR!!!!!!!!

Just notify me by e-mail, I'll give you my mailing address, and you can send your photos straight to me. I will scan your car's photos for the Page here. How easy is that.....?

Thanks a lot..... and keep those great GTA photos coming in!