Trans Am GTA Emblem Part Numbers and Descriptions

The introduction of the 1987 Trans Am GTA marked the first time that the Trans Am featured an actual cast emblem instead of an adhesive decal as its major form of model identification.  For this model of Trans Am, in Pontiac's viewpoint.... the "Screaming Chicken" just would not do....

Styled to take advantage of the monochrome paint treatment, each individual exterior color was cast in each emblem.  The two-toned emblems, the gold diamond-spoke rims, and the monotone paint all certainly served proved to provide a striking image.... and still do to this day in the mind of most enthusiasts.

The actual name of the style of emblem used on the 1987-1992 GTAs (and 1989 20th Anniversary Trans Ams) is a cloisonne' emblem.  For production, the outline of the emblem was stamped out and the gold accent was added.... and then it was filled with the appropriate colored material inside the stamped depression.  To finish up the construction process, actual molten glass was then poured into the emblem.  This acted as a sort of clearcoat protection for the color layer underneath, and gave the emblem its fantastic shine. After the emblems were cured, the dual-sided mounting tape was cut, added to the reverse side, and the emblems were ready for shipment..

These emblems are still by far the most visually stunning style used on cars today, and the '87 GTA marked the initial use of these cloisonne' emblems on a Pontiac product.  For 1988, Pontiac expanded their use to include  the Bonneville SSE, the 6000 STE, and the late-1988 Turbo Grand Prix.  In fact, these style of emblems are still in use by Pontiac on several of their current models, including the '03 Bonneville SSEi and the '03 Grand Prix GTP.  They also saw use on the last generation of Firebird as well.... the 1996-2002 WS6 Ram Air 'Birds used a cloisonne' "WS6" emblem on the RH rear bumper. 

While at present there are GM licensed reproduction emblems available from aftermarket sources, many people tend to favor searching for and/or finding NOS (New Old Stock) original GM emblems for their cars.  I have been guilty of buying and collecting these rare and hard-to-find pieces as well for my own personal GTA memorabilia collection at times.  While all of these emblems are currently not available from GM.... I ran all these part numbers personally and not a single one came back as an in-stock item anywhere in the US.... these NOS emblems seem to be appearing in ever-increasing numbers on the resale market.

Hence, this section deals with only original GM NOS GTA emblem descriptions, so that those who might be searching for these emblems for their own car are able to search by the actual GM part number for their particular year.  All prices listed represent the retail price of each emblem at the last time it was available in GM's Service Parts Operations (SPO) inventory; these prices are included to help potential buyers see what the emblems sold for originally, and gauge whether or not the asking price(s) of the emblems they are considering are reasonable.... or excessive.... for their requirements.

Also, footnotes are posted as well to advise individuals of pertinent changes in emblem colors and usage for different model years.



GM PART #                 COLOR                                                    MODEL YEAR(S) USAGE                  PRICE 


10052380                    WHITE, (40U)                                                 1987-1990                                    $50.00

10052381                    BLACK, (41U)                                                 1987-1990                                    $54.50

10118526                    FLAME RED METALLIC, (74U) *2                     1987-1990                                    $49.00

10052383                    MIDNIGHT RUSSET METALLIC, (68U) *1

10052384                    BRIGHT RED, (81U)                                         1987-1990                                    $56.20

10136817                    20TH ANNIVERSARY TRANS AM,                    1989                                            $97.50

                                                        (W / Y82)

10189311                    BRILLIANT RED METALLIC, (75U) *2                1990-1992                                    $36.00

10189313                    MEDIUM GREEN METALLIC, (45U)                   1991-1992                                    $36.66

10189312                    GUNMETAL METALLIC, (87U)                          1991                                            $31.25

10189309                    WHITE, ARCTIC, (10U) *3                                  1991-1992                                    $36.60

10189310                    BRIGHT RED, (81U)                                         1991-1992                                    $34.50

10189308                    BLACK, (41U)                                                  1991-1992                                    $34.50

10196578                    JAMAICA YELLOW, (52U) *4                            1992                                            $33.21   

10196579                    MEDIUM BLUE METALLIC, (80U) *4                  1992                                            $33.21

10205558                    DARK GREEN GRAY, (18U) *4                          1992                                            $33.21



*1 - This particular color was offered during the 1987 model year only.

*2 - Both these colors show in in 1990 usage for GTA models, as Flame Red Metallic ( 74U ) was phased out during the 1990 model year run in favor of the new Brilliant Red Metallic ( 75U ).

*3 - For 1991, Pontiac changed the white on GTAs from the old 41U color to a new, brighter color titled Arctic White ( 10U ).  All the emblems were changed in color for the last two years of production, hence the dual number listings for white emblems.  In addition, all front bumper emblems were changed to a flexible,  plastic-like composition for every available color for the 1991-1992 model years.

*4 - These colors were special, eye-catching one-year hues introduced to celebrate the Pontiac Firebird's 25th anniversary in the marketplace for 1992.  All were exceptionally low production colors ( 20 units of production or less ) on the GTA model.




10052372                    GUNMETAL METALLIC, (87U)                              1987-1991                            $42.90

10052373                    WHITE, (40U)                                                       1987-1990                            $43.50

10154555                    WHITE, ARCTIC, (10U)                                         1991-1992                            $56.70

10052374                    BLACK, (41U)                                                       1987-1992                            $43.50

10052376                    MIDNIGHT RUSSET METALLIC, (68U)                   1987                                    $42.90

10052377                    BRIGHT RED, (81U) *5                                           1987-1992                            $46.20

10118527                    FLAME RED METALLIC, (74U)                               1987-1990                            $46.20

12396798                    20TH ANNIVERSARY TRANS AM,                          1989                                    $82.50

                                                            (W/ Y82)

10154518                    BRILLIANT RED METALLIC, (75U)                         1990-1992                            $56.70

10196576                    JAMAICA YELLOW, (52U)                                      1992                                    $56.70

10196577                    MEDIUM BLUE METALLIC, (80U)                            1992                                    $56.70

10205559                    DARK GREEN GRAY, (18U)                                     1992                                    $54.00



*5 - This color of emblem is specified by GM as being used on cars equipped with both WW6 ( Flame Red Metallic ) and WW8 ( Bright Red ) aero kits from 1987-1990; this notation puts to rest whether or not Bright Red emblems were ever factory installed on Flame Red Metallic GTAs.  So a particular GTA with this manner of emblem color combination would not be considered incorrect.




10052385                    GUNMETAL METALLIC, (87U)                                 1987-1991                            $48.50

10052386                    WHITE, (40U)                                                          1987-1990                            $43.00

10154554                    WHITE, ARCTIC (10U)                                             1991-1992                            $42.40

10052387                    BLACK, (41U)                                                          1987-1992                            $47.00

10118528                    FLAME RED METALLIC, (74U)                                 1987-1989                            $48.50

10052389                    MIDNIGHT RUSSET METALLIC, (68U)                      1987                                    NPA**

10052390                    BRIGHT RED, (81U)                                                  1987-1992                            $47.00

12396786                    20TH ANNIVERSARY TRANS AM,                             1989                                    $82.65

                                                                   (W / Y82)

10154507                    BRILLIANT RED METALLIC, (75U)                            1990-1992                            $46.99

10196561                    JAMAICA YELLOW, (52U)                                         1992                                    $47.25

10196562                    MEDIUM BLUE METALLIC, (80U)                               1992                                    $47.25

10205563                    DARK GREEN / GRAY, (18U)                                      1992                                    $31.75




10053028                   NAMEPLATE, HEADLAMP DOOR,                              1987-1990                             $7.27

                                              GOLD,   "PONTIAC",  (W/ Y84)

10064400                    EMBLEM, BODY REAR (GOLD                                   1987-1990                            $14.80

                                            ACCENT), SPECIAL TAIL & STOP

                                            LAMPS (T93), WITH TRANS AM (Y84)




12396789                    EMBLEM, ROCKER PANEL, INDY                                1989                                  $69.00

                                            WING, (W / TRANS AM Y82)

12396787                    EMBLEM, BODY REAR (WHITE                                    1989                                  NPA**

                                            ACCENT), SPECIAL TAIL & STOP

                                            LAMPS (T93), WITH TRANS AM (Y82)

12396788                    DECAL, TAIL LAMP PANEL, "TURBO"                         1989                                  NPA**

                                            WITH SPECIAL TAIL & STOP

                                            LAMPS (T93), W / TRANS AM (Y82)  



NPA** - No pricing information available.