Linking To The Source Page

Here at the GTA Source Page, many recent requests have come in requesting links to and from various sites. As always we certainly encourage the sharing and exchange of knowledge and information among car lovers and all others alike. That is a definite part of what keeps the hobby growing and attracting new interest every single day.

Different types of sites have asked for different types of links; some sites have simply requested the permission to place a regular Internet "hyperlink" on a site, like this:

The GTA Source Page

whereas other sites, especially ones that have a good deal of graphics involved in their construction, have asked about "photo-links", in other words, a link that illustrates something about the Source Page and/or its contents.

Below are the three new official GTA Source Page link images that have been made available for use by those who would like to "graphically" link to the Page:

These two images are designed to be used on a page/site with a black or like-colored background color:

This image is designed to be used on a page/site with a white or like-colored background color:

As for concessions on the part of image users out there, naturally there are some requirements and requests that follow. In return for these link images, the Source Page asks only the following:

1) - Please make certain that any information taken from the Page is properly credited. Hundreds of hours have been invested in compiling the information on the Page; in other words, "if you use it, be sure to say where you got it"..........

2) - Please check with the Page before using any of the photos or images on the site. These are not "public domain" images for use by anyone; the Page has requested and been granted permission to use the images and photos that are on the various parts of the site. Please respect this request, as well as the owners of the images.

And that's it............!

We are glad to be a site that people like, appreciate, and want listed on their own web site. With the size of the Internet these days, there are any number of sites that people could have links listed for; that so many want the Source Page among them is very encouraging. Something positive is being accomplished here, and we plan to continue it, with your help as well.