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1988 GTA Transmission shift issues

Hi all. Spent the last couple nights reading through all the posts on the forum about transmission issues, I've got one and I'm hoping for some advice. Car has been sitting for the past couple years we just did restoration brought it back to life had the fluids topped off but did not change fluid and filter yet. When driving cold it would shift very hard from 1st to 2nd and then 2nd to 3rd. After about five minutes once it warmed up it shifted perfectly nice and smooth nice and quiet. Yesterday we did drop the pan,change the filter brand-new fluid and cleaned everything up put it back together. Drove it for about 20 or 30 minutes and it was beautiful shifting great everything was fine . All of the sudden after a light turned green started driving and it would not shift into second gear, winding out in first very high RPMs and won't kick to second gear. We didn't hear any noises, doesn't sound like anything broke so I'm extremely confused how it could go from perfect to not shifting anymore. Will take a closer look at the TV cable today but it seems fine and like I said was working perfectly for about 20 or 30 minutes also rechecked the fluid levels those are fine as well. Pulled out the governor the plastic gears seem intact no other obvious damage to that. Could really use some advice on something we may have overlooked. Thanks so much for your help !
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Re: 1988 GTA Transmission shift issues

Correction, it is shifting from 1st to 2nd, but not 2nd to 3rd. Thinking now it has to be burned up 3-4 plates. Can't see any other reason for it working perfectly for 30 minutes then for it to just stop going into 3rd. Thoughts or suggestions are most welcome.
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Re: 1988 GTA Transmission shift issues

If it won't shift from 2nd to 3rd, most likely the trans is toast and needs rebuilt.
87 GTA: Forged 408 LSX short block, TEA stage 2 cnc ported 243 heads, BTR Stage 3 stroker cam, Fast 102 intake, NW 102 TB, Longtube headers, custom 411 ECM, custom harness, custom tuned, Performabuilt stage 2 4l60E with PTC 2800 stall, 9 bolt rear with 3.70 gears and TAP girdle.

11.16 at 123 mph.
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Re: 1988 GTA Transmission shift issues

Just been thought this. Twice
one time in my 03 Xtreme pickup and my 89 GTA
Shifted fine and hard 1-2 but no 3-4 gears.
So both time ended up changing the tranny.
Got myself a nice rebuilt HD tranny with shift kit, stall etc... for my GTA.
700R4 are not cheap.

1989 TTA Tribute
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