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GTA DOCUMENTATION/RESEARCH Want to ask about your GTA's documentation, build codes, or other historical data? Then post it HERE!

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current GTA confirmations

Ok so I just got off the phone with PHS and he confirmed, as some have stated here, that he is not doing GTA confirmations anymore, or at least he could not do one on a potential 89' I'm looking at, and he sent me to the GM heritage folks. Can anyone tell me what the timeline is to get back, at the very least, confirmation of a Y84 code, which at this point is all I want. The SPI label is gone on the car I'm looking at so I really want to be sure.

Also which one do I use, they are each $50? "Vehicle Invoice", "Build Records" or "Vintage Vehicle Information"

Has anyone had luck getting them on the phone? I left a message, do they return calls??
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Re: current GTA confirmations

I went through this in 2010.
The Y84 should be on the invoice (they wouldn't tell me anything without buying it).
Unfortunately my invoice got messed up when they did the original scan years ago so I had several correspondences with them trying to authenticate it in other ways.
Response was good (less than a day or two to get back with me).
Since my car was originally sold near the border, I also tried Canada.
The particular Canadian guy I talked to seemed to be a little more helpful and forthcoming with info.
If you were looking for 1990 or newer you could just go to the Compnine website.
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