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Need Help, Badly 1988 GTA :(

Hello everyone

I have had some great help over the years with my 1990 and 1988 trand am GTA and now, I got something that is leaving me stumped..Stumped to the point where I have no removed my DashBoard from the car, and am About to remove the engine harness aswell....

Its a 88" GTA with all the Bells and whistles. Digital dash power seats Overhead console, trip computer Performace sound etc.. Last time I played around with the car was in 2009.. I blew the dust off of it yesterday and begun work on it yet again...

It wont start...I have no idea why...I also wont get a service engine soon light either...Ive tried a Bulb test, it failed....replaced the bulb..Still failed... Replaced the Ecm, still the same thing....

I tested EVERY SINGLE Terminal wire Comming out of the ECM... I have the Thick shop manual and all the Voltages it was suposed to have are PERFECT... When I JUMP the A & B on the ALDL terminal the fan turns on and it goes into Diagnostic mode, but still no service engine soon light on the cluster....

I changed the Cluster ( I have a spare ) still SAME THING No S.E.S light on....

Now the next thing.....

The engine harness I got out of a junk 1988 Trans am GTA with the same exact engine and transmission as me.. while looking at the diagrams, and at the harness installed into my car, I noticed that the " INLINE FUSE" next to the battery is missing.... I found two Cut Orange wires in the harness loom, after looking at the diagrams on my factory shop manual and Testing Continuity One Orange wire ran to the computer, to one of the terminals that require constant battery voltage...and the other ran to the relays over by the MAF...According to what i see on the diagram, it looks like the wires are supposed to be put together....

As for the Inline fuse wire??? I ahve no idea where to put it, so I ran a test wire from the battery all the way over by the two orange wires i connected together and included that in cause it appears to me that diagrams are stating it goes right about there????...can anyone help me with that??

Next, I have 3 mystery wires I have no clue where they go or what they do... there is a rectangular shapped Relay or something of that sort over on the firewall with the other relays next to the brake booster and the terminal letters on this are inline (D)(E)(C)(B)(A).. The letter (D) or (E) have a wire hanging from it.. Dont know where it goes or what it does.. ( sorry I forgot what letter Ill be by the car tomorrow) ......

Next From the C100 Comming out of the firewall I got a Tan wire just hanging out of it...I tried looking for it in the pinout of the book and the book said it was for the oil pressure gauge on the instrument cluster..

Last but not least...... Over by the AC box, comming out of the harness is a Thick RED WIRE with a single terminal on it, not connected to anything>> what is this???

with all these problems, My car wont start, the fuel pump wont prime and I cant get the Service engine soon light to come on... Someone PLEASE HELP ME... My poor GTA is sitting...Im doin my best but I can only go soo far.. thankyou

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