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GTA DOCUMENTATION/RESEARCH Want to ask about your GTA's documentation, build codes, or other historical data? Then post it HERE!

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Cool mystery sticker/RPO codes

i found a piece of paper behind the climate control controls, it is tan and says "1988 F-car I.P. Test Results" then has a couple of random RPO codes on it, does anybody know what it is, and help me decode codes A90 and C41, i'm having a hard time figuring out what they represent. thanks
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Re: mystery sticker/RPO codes

I found that to actually i think its tan from age though. It list about 15 RPO codes and weird codes n stuff i was thinking it could be the build sheet
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Re: mystery sticker/RPO codes

I found a similar sticker when pulling my cluster out. I am thinking it is some sort of printout from a scan tool of the ECM when the car was running, i.e. a diagnostic results sheet. I'll have to resurrect mine, I put it in a plastic bag SOMEWHERE around here....

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Re: mystery sticker/RPO codes

Do a google search for: RPO C41 A90
Just like this: http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q...90&safe=active

You'll find many sources out there.

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Re: mystery sticker/RPO codes

THe little decal was a placed on the IP for when it went through inspection at the Assembly Plant. It was more or less a build sheet but for the IP only it would determine what kind of Engine and options the car was to have that it would be mated up with.

They are neat to have but there is little or no info on them unfortunately.

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