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Help Me Please 90' T/A GTA Convertible

i have a 90 convertible but can't find any info on this car. I dunno if it was custom or factory built. Can anyone help me. Thanks
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Re: 90' T/A GTA Convertible

It really depends on how you look at being "Factory"

Look at the drivers side Door jamb, if there is a decal that has "ASC" then it was done for Pontiac.

From my recent understanding (correct me if I am wrong ) ASC made the Camaro Convertibles from 1987 - 1992 and the Firebird Verts in 91 & 92. From 1987 - 1990 On the side you could order a Firebird Convertible, they were 100% factory Warrentied from Pontiac, the big difference is the paperwork path.

When you ordered an 87-92 Camaro or 91-92 Firebird Convertible you would go to the dealer and order a Convertible, the order sheet was even differnt than a non-Convertible car. The car was Assembled in Van Nuys, CA- 87-92 or Norwood 87 Only and then shipped to ASC. ASC would cut the top off of the car and install the convertible provisions.

When you ordered an 87-90 Firebird, the dealership you purchased the car from would have the car Drop Shipped to Pioneer Pontiac in Southgate Michigan. (Pioneer Pontiac was owned by ASC apparently). The Firebird would go through the Convertible process which was IDENTICAL to the Camaros of the day. The Firebird would then be delivered to the Dealership you ordered the car through.

GM/Pontiac knew that this was going on, apparently it was not discouraged. GM/Pontiac and ASC had some sort of agreement... It would make sence that After 1987 There would be no more converted Camaros, you could only order a Camaro Convertible through a Chevrolet dealership and the 6th digit of the VIN would be a 3. All Firebird Convertibles from 1987 - 1990 have the 6th digit of the vin of a 2 which is a coupe. In 1991 when Pontiac decided that there was a big enough market for a convertible they decided to have them produced by ASC along side their Camaro cousins.

In all essence of the word "Factory" there were NO FACTORY CONVERTIBLES MADE FROM 1970 - 1993 for the Camaro or Firebird. The Authorized Convertibles were converted by ASC. After 1987 there does not seem to be the number different convertible companies making them like 1986 & prior. From 1983 - 1986 There were several companies making Convertible Firebirds and Camaros, to name a few - Autoform - A roadster like conversion, Matrix3 - 1984 Camaros, McLaren made a few ( Might be a part of ASC ) - Choo Choo Customs made some in 1986.

Of all of the convertibles I would think the ASC ones will hold their value the best. My estimation is that because you can still buy tops and parts for the ASC cars by several places it shows that they are well accepted. The ASC Firrebirds were almsot identical to the Camaro of the day, the differences are obvious, the spears down the sides, the rear spoiler and the deck mounted stop lamp, otherwise they appear to be the same.

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Re: 90' T/A GTA Convertible

Well RyanGTA i doubt there is a paper trail to it being made by ASC.
Yours has the spears down the side right? BTW i bet that is one sweet ride :P

OKFOZ, what does that mean if it has the spears down the die?
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