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GTA CARS FOR SALE Got a GTA that, Heaven Forbid, you're looking to send to a good home for whatever reason? Then post your listing HERE.....!

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GTA Year: 1988
GTA Engine: 350 TPI Automatic
1988 GTA "Fred" - Fix Up/Part Out... YOUR Choice

OK, here he is. FRED is for sale. I don't have the time, knowledge, or inclination to try and part the car out.... and I don't need the parts myself. Plus we are getting ready to change poultry companies and the time I have available to work and repair the car for road duty will be less than necessary as well.

1988 GTA Trans Am, 5.0L TPI V8, 156K, engine did not smoke at startup last time I started it, 700R4 4-speed automatic, car is still complete. All interior pieces and parts, all suspension, GTA rims, and running gear are still in place. Car has T-tops and all options except leather trim. I have the full info package on the car from PHS including a window sticker that will go along as well. The car currently is on a Bill of Sale, but I can apply for and get a title for a buyer if they wish.

There is a small amount of front damage to the RH core support, and the RH rear has been damaged on the corner as well - the rear bumper still looks good. I have been told by two body shops the car is not that difficult of a repair job.

All the parts to repair that I have I will put in with the car (fenders, fasteners, radiator, AC parts, crash bar w/ rubber insulator, etc.) I also have two good used 245/50/16 tires that I will include as well. I do not have a hood for it, but the one that was on it will go if the buyer desires in order to cover the engine compartment. The engine is complete except for the cruise control servo and pieces that go under the LH front end and the TPI intake rubber hoses. I may have those hoses and will include them if they are found.

The price is $1,000 for everything. You can fix the car up or part it out for much more than the asking price; the mechanicals alone would bring more than $1,000 for the parts only. Right now, I have $2,500 in everything you see.... my loss is your gain. Delivery is available, contact for particulars.

If interested, please contact me via e-mail or this board for more information. Thanks.
Frankie Rider, 2
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Hello Mr. Frankie,

May I say that I think it is very wise decision you have made to let go this "fred" project car. I take into consideration: you already have two GTA's and: "fred" looks like extremely time consuming project. I review the photos and I think this car would be ideal project for someone who does not have GTA yet but would like to get one. Yumiko
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can you send me closer pic of damage??also a pic of the interior..is it digital dash?any rust?where in ark do you live??thx
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Cool Hmmmmmm

Hello Frankie, I would love to see pictures of the damaged areas as well. Also would like to see interior, if thats not to big a deal either. How many miles are on him. Does he have the roof console? We just might have to work something out on this one, if you dont sell him soon. Would make a nice project car. And just might keep me out of trouble for a bit
Thanks, Joe.

Top of Texas Trans Am Club of Amarillo ( 2010 President )

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1989 Formula T-Top 5.7 T.P.I. " SOLD "
1991 GTA Trans Am Hardtop 5.7 T.P.I. " SOLD "
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GTA Year: 1988
GTA Engine: 350 TPI Automatic
Thanks for the replies....

Since I have more than one request for additional FRED info, I'll just caption these shots for the "masses"....

They are linked to larger shots on The Source Page. Just click on the image....

This is the damage to the RH side of the core support, from two angles. This was caused by the corner end of a utility truck bed. The hood that was covering the engine compartment bore the brunt of the impact. I have been told it is repairable.... either by pulling out or cutting and sectioning in new metal.

This is the damage to the RH rear of the car.... caused this time by the corner end of my Dad's flatbed farm truck. As you can see, the RH taillight is gone, but there appears to be no damage to the bumper cover and the tail panel is just barely rippled. Again, I was told this damage could be pulled out and repaired.

And that's it.

The car sits straight as an arrow, and all doors still close and seal correctly.

As you can see, the interior is still complete and in good condition. The seats are in good condition with no rips or tears in the material; the door panels are in the same condition. A good cleaning will definitely bring these items back to an excellent appearance. The dash panel has a crack on the top side. The headliner, speaker panels, and carpet are all bad. The only missing items are the radio, the lower RH dash trim piece, and the UQ7 speaker boxes in the rear side panels.

The only rust I've noticed is on the underside of the core support where the air intake canister sits.... there is some surface rust on that panel. Other than that, none that I've seen up close; the car appears to have been undercoated in the past.

No digital dash (sorry), and no roof console ('87 was the last year for that option). Current mileage is a little over 156K. I live in North Arkansas (50 miles south of the MO line), and delivery can be arranged privately after the sale if needed.

Again, I have many extra repair parts that I will include with the car as part of this deal. Hopefully this answers most of the questions... if not, just let me know what you need to know.

I'd really like to see the car go to a person who would like to put it back on the road. With this new poultry company we are growing for starting with this flock, I just feel like there just isn't going to be the spare time to dedicate to this project anymore. We are going from growing 6-week, 3.65-pound chickens to 9-week, 7.75-pound chickens. So, car time will be slim for the forseeable future.... it's time to start narrowing down the priority list, I guess.

I'll be doing really good to get Hector pounded into show shape by the 2004 show season, let alone find the time to restore this car as well.
Frankie Rider, 2
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