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GTA NON-TECH Got a question about non-mechanical items related to your GTA.... whatever they may be? Then post it HERE!

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Old 02-20-2003   #1
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Scared Me !

I typed in www.gtasourcepage.com as usual, and all I got was some weird grey screen!

I almost s**t myself, thinking "No, it CAN'T be gone, what am I going to do?"

The only way I can get here is through gmforums.com I've tried on SEVERAL computers typing in the normal way I get here.

Also, It says on the bottom of the message board there have been no posts over the last 1000 days.

Anyone else have this problem?

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Old 02-20-2003   #2
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My computer was doing the same thing up until a couple of minutes ago. Clicked gtasourcepage.com and it came right up.

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GTA Year: 1988
GTA Engine: 350 TPI Automatic
I almost s**t myself, thinking "No, it CAN'T be gone, what am I going to do?"
Hmmmm. Really, I don't know what to say.... Give me a minute; Erin's calling for a drink of water....

OK, first up.... easy there, big 'fella. I appreciate the comments, but the loss of basic bodily functions will NOT score you any brownie points on this board whatsoever.

OMG.... brownie points! Anyway....

I think something has been up with my hosting service of late.... my bill is current, thankyouverymuch.... because yesterday I could access the main page through my browser's cache, but none of the other page sections would come up on reload. Tonight it loads up just fine.....
Frankie Rider, 2
The GTA Source Page

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