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Front coil spring install harder the. I thought

Ok so I finally got my front a arms back from my buddy Rick he finally got the ball joints in now I'm trying to reinstall the front suspension an the springs are being a pain in the ass I tried to compress them but the spring compressor rod just hits the top of the mounting point I tryed a jack underneath an that lead to it getting crooked an popping out when I would go up with the jack is there a right way to install these stupid springs they are the moog 5662 springs if that helps out
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Re: Front coil spring install harder the. I thought

Is the spring compressor a long threaded rod with two brackets that screw in? If so, go to the hardware store and get some steel pipe to fit over the rod and cut maybe like 5 inches. Make sure it is a thick grade steel that will bottom out against the bolt part. Take out the two brackets, slide the pipe over the rod then put the brackets back on. you should now have ample clearance to get the compressor into the spring pocket. You follow? The idea is to get the steel pipe to act like a spacer between the head that you attach to the impact gun or socket, and the bottom bracket. The steel must be thick so as to take the pressure.

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Re: Front coil spring install harder the. I thought

So were you able to complete this job? When we do my GTA springs in the front, we use this same tool below:


You have to move the hooks upward when putting them through that hole that is in the lower control arm which is in the center of the bottom of the spring. You then place the top hooks on the top of the spring while having the bottom set of hooks connect to the lower portion of the springs. The bolt end of this compressor has to be on sticking out of the bottom of the control arm now. Once that is all connected, you can then turn the bolt with either the air tools or a wrench or socket wrench. I can never do this alone because I just do not have the strength, but it is one of the hardest things to do on this car, besides replacing the fuel pump.

I am unsure what exact tool you are using for your repair. But I would say try and avoid adding additional none tool materials to your tools, because the more you add, the more risk that something will fail and if that happens, it can result in damage but worse, injury or death. One of the most scariest places to me is being under my car when the wheels are removed, because gravity is unforgiving and it can not be reasoned with. It is always "on".

Be safe and hope that you can get your GTA back together ok.

Love like you have never been hurt before.

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