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GENERAL TECH (NON-GTA) Got a technical question or problem with your non-GTA vehicle but want the expertise of the GTA community? Post your non-GTA technical questions here!

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Formula 89 TPI 5.7 problem

Hello, my friend have a problem with its pontiac firebird formula v8 5.7.

He is start engine, the engine run is slows is ok up to 10min or accellerate...
This accelerate, the engine is stalls.
No service engine soons light
Thank for you answer...
best regards
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GTA Year: 1990
GTA Engine: 350 TPI Automatic
Re: Formula 89 TPI 5.7 problem

First thing I would do is check the fuel injectors. Make sure each injector is atleast 15-17 OHMs...
Then check fuel pressure, should be around 42 PSI with the vacuum line on the regulator off, and then the TPS located on the passenger side of the throttle body....
My car was acting similiar to the way you are describing your friends car and after replacing different things until finally someone told be to check my injectors. I found two injectors at 4 and 8 OHMs. Replaced the injectors and viola, car started and ran perfectly...
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Re: Formula 89 TPI 5.7 problem

Hi, thanks for your answer.
The fuel pressure check is:
Regulator off = regulator closed?
Engine run? not run?
Only ignition on?

Check the TPS:
Ignition on is 0 Volt?
Engine start slow 0.46 Volt?

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GTA Year: 1988
GTA Engine: 350 TPI Automatic
Re: Formula 89 TPI 5.7 problem

1. With car NOT running, remove electrical connector from each fuel injector. Using a Volt/Ohm meter set to Ohms, check the electrical resistance of each injector. Each should be 15 to 17 Ohms. Replace any that are not. If you smell fuel locate the source. One or more may be leaking from the seal or the body of the injector. If all is good reconnect the electrical connectors to the injectors.

2.Remove vacuum line from the fuel pressure regulator. Connect a fuel pressure gauge to the schrader valve on the fuel rail. Start the car. The fuel pressure gauge should read about 42 pounds per square inch or metric equivalent.

Report back with your results.
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