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Question ¿help?

I need some help on finding out how rare my gta is...and if it is worth fixing up...

This is what she is/has:

1988, red (81), 5.0 (LB9), 5spd (MM5), gray leather seats w/ black leather wheel, elect. ins. cluster (U52), & sub speaker sys (UQ7).

She does not have or has had them removed before i owned her:
Oil cooler (KC4), Custom seat belts (AK1), & Lamp group (TR9)...the last two i dont know what they are...¿and where should the cooler be?

She has an odd rear end...it has an id tag saying its a detroit locker rear end...¿is this factory?...

She has had a hard life...and turned many heads...in her years she has out ran many...many cops...(HP,CO P,TP [TRIBAL Po], City Po)...made large clouds of smoke (to the point cops could not id her-that was funny-an olds took the heat)...gone from CA to SD w/ an average of 100 mph (that blew the 2nd motor-it had about 100mi on it before the trip)...deer run away from her...large raccoons (the size of small farm dogs) love her...*grins*...she still has fur on her from the last one...she even had a brick dropped on her rear wing from the 5th floor of an apt...*shakes his head*...but she is now showing her age...her harmonic went out on her...and i got a new car...but the time has come to either a) rebuild...b) put in a new short block (that be the third short block she has seen)...c) new 305 TPI...d) let the snow set on her for another year or more (this being the 2nd year)...or d) plan a party and have nice big fire...for no one will ever own her for as long as i live...

...a long term dream of mine is to fix her up 100%...mint...and have an evil twin gta (hard top) w/ roll cage, air ride or hydro, push grill...not push bar, and a 383 stroker w/ a 6spd...i think the roll cage and frame connectors should make the frame strong enough...

...any help on helping me determine how rare she is and/or what i should do will help...

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