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Old 01-28-2002   #1
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SLP Cold Air Induction

Hey guys, I was just looking at the SLP Cold Air Induction kit. It looks like most of the parts that come with the kit are already standard equipment on the car, and that the only things that'll be changed are the airbox and filter. If I just get the airbox and filter, would it be possible to mount the airbox using the stock intake duct and the other stock airbox components? Thanks.
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Yeah you really only need the airbox, and your stock ducting should work, however there are some wire included in the kit which require you to relocate the "carcoil canister" to the other side beside of the battery. So take that into consideration but ethier way the system is definitly worth it.
just my 5 bucks. Mike

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If I were going to do it again I would just get the airbox. The hoses and wires that they give you are so short that I didn't even use them, I just went to the local auto parts store and got what I needed. BTW you still use the stock filter so if you have a K&N your still good to go.
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Hey thanks a lot guys. I went out and bought the airbox this morning on my way to work. does anybody have any pics of the installed airbox ad the new location of the chacoal canister? i don't have any of the instructions on how to put this baby in there. thanks.
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Keep in mind that the air intake ducting is different from stock as each piece has stainless "vanes" installed in the corners to improve airflow over the stock ducting. The rubber ductwork has that molded in "pattern" on it, and the stainless vanes are used to improve the flow around the bends.

Here's the airbox on my car:

Here's the canister location I chose, as per SLP's instructions:

And here's one of the ducts I'm talking about.... note the rivet installed in the bend of the duct:

I too agree that the kit is worth the money.... plus the new airbox cleans up that RH side behind the headlamp as well.
Frankie Rider, 2
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wow, thanks a lot for the pictures Frank. they really help out a lot. about those vanes in the air ducting, do they cover the entire diameter of the duct? and also, what angle would you say they are arranged at? i think i can probably modify my stock air ducting and fit it with vanes.
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Hey guys, what about the '91-'92 air ducting? I know they're different from the '87-89 air ducting. do the SLP ones also have the vanes in them for the kits for those years? the picture of the cold air box on SLP's site showed an air duct that was similar to the '91-'92. That's what I did... I just bought the airbox of a friend's wrecked Formula and installed it in my car. Definitely felt an improvement in throttle response.


1991 Trans Am GTA... Hopefully again
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Question cold air induction

Hi guys. I've got a 90 GTA. I've wanted to also add the SLP cold air induction kit to mine, but didn't know if it was worth the money. Just looking at the first picture that Frankie attached, wouldn't there be just the same amount of air being sucked in as the regular stock airbox because it's in the same location in which the airbox's opening is partially blocked by the car's framework? Or just let me know if I'm way off base. This may be a dumn question, but what is the difference between the airbox and the canister? Heck, I thought they meant the same thing? Since I have a '90, would I just need the airbox/canister? Please let me know, thanks...
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