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Bird II
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1991 GTA or not

I have found a 1991 supposedly it's a GTA. I have only seen pictures and there not that great. My concern is it doesn't have the 2 vents on the hood and it doesn't have the rap around spoiler? the rear spoiler is a straight spoiler? I spoke with the owner and he said it is a GTA and has a Hurst transmission.

The owner said its has a carb because it needs to be that way because of the Hurst Transmission?

I haven't seen any pictures of GTA's that dont have the vents on the hood or the wrap around spoiler.

The car has t-tops and is supposed to be very clean and garage kept. My concern is that it's not a GTA. I've asked the owner for the vin number.

Any thoughts on if this is a GTA? Thanks for the help.
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Re: 1991 GTA or not

If it is a GTA, then the engine was changed because all GTAs had only the fuel injected 5.0 and 5.7 liter engines.

As for the aerospoiler, from my understanding, GTAs had the aerospoilers only. None of them had the straight flat ones, except for the 1988 notchback style GTAs.

If it is a real GTA, then that would mean that either a previous owner changed just the style of the spoiler or that they changed the entire rear hatch lid with the style of spoiler that is the straight flat one.

Since this car that you are asking about is a 1991, I think that GM kept better records on which cars were actual GTAs and which ones were not according to the VINs.

Ask the owner to show you the RPO sticker in the car. In the 1991 it may be located in the spare tire compartment or the storage lid on the opposite side of the spare tire compartment. If the RPO sticker is there, you can see if it has the GTA option code or not.

The problem with these cars is all the parts that GTAs have can be put on other same year Trans Am, Firebird, and Formulas. So all people have to do is buy the parts that GTAs had and put them on the other cars, then call it a GTA and try and sell it for more.

Good luck,

Love like you have never been hurt before.

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Re: 1991 GTA or not

Could be a 91 Bandit(not GTA, but posibly converted) - custom made by Cho Cho Customs.
They had carbs and Ttops, seen one locally forsale. Has the cowl induction bubble on the hood, (fake) ....
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Re: 1991 GTA or not

Just look in the lockable rear storage compartment for the SPO sticker. If it says Y84, you're good. Otherwise, its probably just a base Firebird with Throttle Body Injection which looks like a carb. I've never heard of a Hurst transmission. Hurst SHIFTER yes, but changing the shifter doesn't mean you need to change to carb.

1991 Trans Am GTA... Hopefully again
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Re: 1991 GTA or not

Not. It is a base firebird. Reason??? I have a 1991 Firebird, 305/5-speed. The rear spoiler is the base model "straight across", GTA is a "whale-tail" type; the tail-lights are three-piece of a base model, not two-piece as on the GTA; and the "carb" is TBI not TPI, unless major mods were done, like headers, cam..... Most importantly, if Y84 is not listed on the SPID sheet, it is not a GTA.

If the seller cannot verify Y84, then he is selling you a line. Been there, after a 2 hour trip to find it was a Quasar Blue T/A not a GTA.
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Re: 1991 GTA or not

And I didn't even mention the hood
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