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Old 05-02-2007   #1
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Hood heat extractors

mine are faded.... grey-ish extractors on a black hood looks like poo. paint them? it doesnt look like they should be painted. Any sources for new ones?
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Re: Hood heat extractors

Are you talking about the plastic grilles themselves or the inserts underneath? The plastic grilles themselves are paintable. The inserts that fit under the grilles had an anodized finish from the factory.... and I have no idea how you'd recreate that look. You might could get something from Eastwood that could replicate the finish.

I just took satin black high-temp paint and repsrayed the ones on my black car. I think they look fine now. They really only stand out when the finish is all faded out on them.
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Re: Hood heat extractors

We had my GTA hood repainted twice since 1997 and we painted the plastic parts separately from the hood. The ones near the windshield on each side of the hood have a black plastic grill which you have to take off very carefully since it is old and can crack/break easily. The grills in the ones close to the front of the hood are made from metal. Mine are silver color. I do not think that those grills on my GTA have ever been painted before.

I mention two times because first time the hood was painted, they painted also the inside where the extractors fit over. So it did not look so great because you could see the gloss paint inside and you could tell that the hole went no where, just for cosmetics. So the second time we had the hood painted, right before putting on the hood, I masked and painted just the inside flat black with a good quality spray paint. It turned out very nice and now you do not see the back/bottom so it looks as though those holes go to something or somewhere.

And I am not so sure about these holes being for heat extraction. Because when we first painted the hood, there was foam strips stuffed around in there as so water and air could not pass. If it was for heat extraction, would they have stuffed that foam in there? Yumiko
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Re: Hood heat extractors

its strictly for cosmetics.

Same thing with the T/A fender extractors

They really arent exactly functional or serve any real purpose but to give it that race car look.
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Re: Hood heat extractors

good info. Thanks guys, I appreciate it
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Re: Hood heat extractors

What about making them functional? Has anyone tryed to do it?
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Re: Hood heat extractors

i had an extra hood and i cut the bottoms out from the bottom of the hood where the front vents are...it gets more air into the engine compartment,,but i really didnt notice that much of a difference although on the highway the car does run a bit clooler ..who knows..
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Re: Hood heat extractors

Back in 1985, my friend bought a new Trans Am.
He wanted them functional, so he brought the car over, and we cut retangle holes in the underhood ribbing, right by the vents.
We then put plastic door edge guard material (by cutting the door edge guards into the correct sizes), and just put them onto the edges we cut.
The car did run alittle cooler, and when you put your hard over the vents, you could feel the heat.
Being in Souther California at the time, he didn't worry about water getting into the underhood ribbing.
Sorry, both him and me moved away from each otherm and I don't have any photos.
But it can be done.

Hope this helps,


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