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GTA TECH Want to discuss technical topics about your GTA.... engine tuning, mechanical upgrades, problem areas, etc.? Then post it HERE!

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Old 02-05-2003   #1
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Trannys dead...finally!

Well after about 2 years of kicking the living $#it out of my tranny...it finally called it quits. I was driving to work 2 days ago and met up with one of those 3.2L type S's at a stoplight on the freeway. It was just me and him. I put it in 1st gear and stood on my break like any other good burnout lover and smoked him out for about 30 seconds. The light turned green and we were off. I shifted the car into 2nd and pulled about 1 and 1/2 carlengths ahead of him in the blink of an eye. I figured I was safe and put the car in OD. when I finally got up to about 70 MPH the car shifted into OD and I started hearing all kinds of grinding comming from the tranny. I figured this was it....but she continued to drive. By then the race was a mute point so I slowed down a little and put the car in neutral. shifted back into OD and again the grinding noise. But this time it didnt go into OD....it went into third....didnt hear the noise again. I decided to just continue on to work and have the car towed home if needed.
Well after I got through with work I went out to my car and tried to back it up....but no reverse....wierd huh? SO the car is now garaged with a busted tranny...no reverse and no OD gears what-so-ever....I was going to get a new tranny this year anyway. This incident just forces my hand to do it a little sooner:mmmmm:
'88 Bright Red GTA.
Getting a full restore. EST. time of completion: FEB '06
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hehe, my stock-ish 700r4 didn't last too long behind the turbo motor...when the trans finally went in a matter of 10 minutes I lost each gear, lost OD, then 3rd,then 2nd, then the trans took a total shit
***89 GTA*** L98, P1-SC procharger, 24# SVO's, Cobalt boost/fuel pressure gauges, AEM wideband O2, ported plenum, Edelbrock TES headers and catback, SFC's, Wonderbar and some other goodies..

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