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GTA CARS WANTED Looking to buy a pristine GTA for your own collection.... or maybe you're looking for a "fixer-upper" car? Whatever you're looking for.... post your listing HERE!

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WTB: any year GTA, any color, TTOPS are a MUST

Here's some background...

When I turned 17, I found a GTA and bought it. Didnt know how bad of condition it was in until I started to try to fix things. Ended up replacing trans, and about the entire front end suspension. It had the Cars and Custom Concepts T's, and I LOVED them. Couldnt afford to fix it any more, so I had to sell it. Now, 4 years later, I have this craving for another GTA.

This is a run-down of what I'm looking for...

87-92 GTA. I prefer the 87-90's because they seem to be much less money

I would take any color as long as it was the factory color (ie... no purple). Any color interior as long as it is clean.

Here is a must... the car MUST MUST MUST have T-tops. I would like to find another with the C&CC, but I have never seen another like my old one.

Auto or 5-speed I dont care. I like the 350/auto combo, but at the same time, a 305 with the 5-speed would suffice. My only requirement would be that the trans be rebuilt/new/awesome condition. If it's a 5-speed, it better have a fairly new clutch. What forced me to sell my old GTA was the fact that the trans went out.

Other options to me really are nill. A/C would be nice, but not required to work. A system doesnt have to be there... i would be building my own for it anyway.

Just looking for a mechanically good GTA with T's for a descent price. Not looking for a nightmare, or hackjob.

Price is a problem. I know this will limit the amount of responses I get, but I refuse to pay an arm and a leg for a 14 year old GM vehicle. There are cars out there that warrant that kind of money, but they are perfect cars... and that's not what I'm looking for. Need to spend around 3500 or less. May go slightly higher, but I'm selling my current car for 3500, and after paying diabetes-related doctor bills, but savings has dwindled to nothing.

Let me know what you've got. You can either post here, or shoot me an email. zachshaferz@hotmail.com

thanks in advance.

PS... I can go pretty much anywhere in the country. My little brother and I just got back from California 3 weeks ago with his new CRX with the ZC DOHC engine swap. Fun trip. Of course, cars that are close would be considered first.
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