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Smile Paint Codes

I have the opportunity to but a red 91 GTA but I suspect that it has been repainted because of some primer sopts under the hood. The dealer says he dosent think it was. How can I tell for sure? How do I find the paint code? If it was repainted is that really bad?
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Look in the center console compartment. In there is the RPO codes sheet. Look for one of these color options:

10U -- Exterior Color, White -- 377
41U -- Exterior Color, Black -- 446
45U -- Exterior Color, Medium Green Metallic -- 508
75U -- Exterior Color, Brilliant Red Metallic -- 222
81U -- Exterior Color, Bright Red -- 384
87U -- Exterior Color, Gunmetal Metallic -- 98

Best way to find if it is painted is show it to someone who does body work and paint for a living. They usually can tell by looking for the tell-tale signs like runs in the paint that weren't wet-sanded out and such.

It isn't bad if it is repainted, especially if the paint looks good and you like it. The thing is it isn't original anymore, that brings up the question why it got repainted.
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What kind of a dealer is it? A respectable or sleezy dealer? If it is sleezy look to make sure nothing is bent. It could have been in an accident and that is why it was repainted. Look at it even if it is a respectable dealer.
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Hi...Thanks for your help I will look for these codes.
I posted on the other 2 tech boards asking for opinions and advice on the car I have the opportunity of buying. I just want to make sure everything is legit ya know? My other posts have more detail, but the dealer is in PA and sells almost exclussively Trans ams, vettes, and camaro ss. Seemed like a quite large dearlship. Car was extreamly overpriced at first but I got them to come down a bit, not enough but I don't know if I can resist. Thats why I turned to the advice of the board to help me figure out if its all good!
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