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GTA NON-TECH Got a question about non-mechanical items related to your GTA.... whatever they may be? Then post it HERE!

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GTA Year: 1988
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One More Day To Go.... a.k.a. Life On The Farm....

Well, we have one more day to go before our birds go out for processing. The cool (for June) weather has been a blessing for us with these big birds, as our houses have not yet been updated with the equipment required to grow this much larger bird. These birds will be 62 days of age on Wednesday, and the catching crews start at 10:30 AM. They should weigh somewhere around an average of 7.50 pounds each. Here they are as of this past weekend:

For those of you who don't know anything about me, Rider Farms is located in NorthCentral Arkansas and consists of three separate tracts totaling over 300 acres of land. We have six 400-foot chicken houses, run also approximately 100 head of commercial mixed-breed cattle at all times, and have a custom farm services business as well. However, as you can see below, the chicken business comes before all else....

An interesting aside.... this weekend I had a somewhat odd experience. There are many things on a farm that can out-do a man at any given time. I don't mind telling you that I've had run-ins with all kinds of things on the farm over the 10 years I've been here: been put up on and/or over the fence any number of times by unruly cattle.... had my share of encounters with slithery reptiles (Eeewwww!).... you name it. But this past weekend was a first for me.

A run-in, with, that's right....

.... a SNAPPING TURTLE! This one threw me for a loop, I don't mind telling you. As you can see, my truck was unsure of how to continue onward as well. No matter what I did, the old booger would not budge from the center of the road. He'd just lay there and eyeball me. Every time I opened my door, he'd puff up and blow/hiss at me. What to do....?

No picture of it, but you'd be surprised what a 20-foot piece of Schedule 40 PVC pipe can accomplish. He wasn't happy at all... he did turn on me once, and I had a "runaway" for a second.... but I was able to finally get him out of the road, albeit slowly and with a lot of commotion on his part. But he finally resigned himself to the fact and went quietly after a few minutes. I went ahead and "spurred" him on down into the nearest pond so he wouldn't get run over by the feed trucks that are in and out of the farm all the time. <------

Just a little funny story I wanted to share, but please pray for cool weather through Wednesday for us here.....
Frankie Rider, 2
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Skull & Crossbones WOW, what a operation.......

Looks like you have your hands full on a regular bases. Yet still have time to be a soft hearted kinda guy. Thats cool. So many folks would have just run that little booger over and never looked back. Good Job, you ole softy....... he he he he he
Thanks, Joe.

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holy crap..thats a lot of chickens lol

how many do you think you have total?...

everything back to normal after you had that incident were all those died?

about the snapper...what you could do next time you run in to one of those is to get a peice of steel pipe like a 1/4 bar of something and put it in his mouth...when he snaps down on it then alls you have to do is drag his ass across the yard lol

good luck frankie!!....its gonna be upper 80's here for the next few days
a simple "motor swap" has taken all summer..
come back next year
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Your a better man than me Frankie! I would have run his little A$$ over! Ever have turtle soup?
'88 Bright Red GTA.
Getting a full restore. EST. time of completion: FEB '06
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