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Cut-out worth the squeeze

hi i had recently put a post out on a header install i will be doing, and at the same time i was thinking of getting a cut-out for my exhaust. i was wondering if 1. its worth it or not for the 200+ dollars i'd have to spend. 2. how big of a hp gain could i expect when its wide open and 3. will it sound cool or what? im basically looking for peoples opinions who have or have heard and seen them in action, and also should i go for the electric cut-out or not? any feedback is appriciated thanks.
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Re: Cut-out worth the squeeze

Get the headers. As far as hp, well it will depend on who's you get but tipically you see arond 10-15 hp. And cut-outs are cool and they woork well esp if you are goin to the track.

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Re: Cut-out worth the squeeze

are you getting the electronic cutout valve for it?? stacey installed two of them on the copperhead truck
Best Track Time is 14.396 @ 95.71MPH

225.5hp @ 4250rpm (at the wheels)
325.8ft-lbs @ 3250rpm (at the wheels)
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