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GTA DOCUMENTATION/RESEARCH Want to ask about your GTA's documentation, build codes, or other historical data? Then post it HERE!

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I was looking at the RPO's for 91 GTA's listed on this site. I found something interesting and wondered if anyone else had seen this on a GTA. When I bought my GTA I was skeptical because it was missing a couple of emblems and didn't have the T/A style taillights. I bought the car anyway because it was in good condition and was only 3K. Anyway I checked my rpo's and found that I had all of the GTA codes Y84 etc and yet I did not have the T93 code. Another point of interest. On the authentication portion of the site Frankie said he hasn't seen a map pocket that said Trans Am. Well mine says Trans AM and has a Gold Bird. Once I get a scanner I will take pictures of the SPI and the map pocket for ya. Just thought it was odd. One other thing, anyone here of RPO EXP. No site has it in their database.
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Hey, with the RPO EXP, and the Firebird taillights, your car was probably an export model. Frankie's got a road test on the page of a GTA that was exported to France, and it had the Firebird tailights.


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I did finally find out that it meant export. I didnt see the one on the page I will have to look for it. I did think it was kind of unusual that my car did not have the ta taillights. I like the TA lights so I bought some and put them on. I am keeping the originals and my original engine in case I ever decide to restore it back to original.
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