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Old 04-01-2006   #1
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Help Me Please Struts & Shocks-Upgrades

Looking to upgrade my stock struts & shocks-anyone out there have any input? was looking at KYB AGX or QA1. My GTA has currently has under gone some engine upgrades-should be in 12s this year from my best of 13.3. Just race about 3 X a year-mostly street use, cruises 7 etc.

Thank you in advance--hydraulicdave
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Re: Struts & Shocks-Upgrades

hey buddy,

i just did the same late last fall. i was looking at kyb & edelbrok but also found some koni's. i went with the special series shocks and struts (both are semi adjustable) and they made one hell of a difference. i've got mine set pretty stiff but it gives you room to change..... IMO koni all the way
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Re: Struts & Shocks-Upgrades

I went Konis too. No complaints here. But since I hardly ever race my car, I think I would've been better off just getting myself some KYBs.

1991 Trans Am GTA... Hopefully again
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Re: Struts & Shocks-Upgrades

KYB's for me. But it is all about cash.
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Re: Struts & Shocks-Upgrades

I went with Bilstiens over 10 years ago and I still have them. They are as stiff now as the were brand new. It really just depends on how harsh a ride you want. Mine is very ruff, in fact its so ruff I can drive over a coin and tell you what is and if its heads or tails,lol. BUT it handles GREAT!!!

Cliff Jones
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on the original motor!!!!
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Re: Struts & Shocks-Upgrades

LOL Cliff, you crack me up man! I have AC Delco's in my car. I got them new about three years ago. I have had no probs with them. Even though I have only put probably 15000 miles on them in three years. But I am sure they are probably not as good as the Bilsteins, Koni's, etc. But I never had anything else to compare them to , so I really coudn't tell you. But I am getting ready to put my Eibach Sportline springs on, so I might go with something else while I have everything apart.

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