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Code 32: EGR System Failure

Ok I just bought this car like in january from a guy who lived in atlanta. it in excelent shape and because he lived in the ATL area the car had to pass emmisions. so he tells me how he tried EVERY thing and the only thing that made him pass was having the EGR replaced. he gave me reciepts with boks and manuals. There is a reciept date 2000 for the switch the valve and something else. but whe i got the car it had a hessitation and unstable bublly like feeling when it would switch into overdrive. To keep the niose down id leave it it drive untill i got to about 65. but anyway its now starting to give me problems and me SES light is talking to me alot. Code 32 is now my unwanted friend. should i be having problems with such a new EGR valve?? is there something magical i could try ( like the guy who discovered the back brake secret) any suggestions?? if none im guess ill take it to the pontiac place and dish out some $$$,
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hey congrats on the car purchase.......no advice on your prob though sorry. just wanted to say hey n im from gadsden myself, drive a gunmetal grey gta
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Cool Hoping this will help you

Hello Highway431,

Perhaps I may be able to help you or at least give you some ideas in reference to your code 32 problem. Best way for me to do this is to let you know what my code 32 problems have been in past.
O.K. I had my head gaskets change in 1992, after mechanic complete this work for me (at that time I just put gas in and go only - no working on it myself), I started to get that code 32. I took many photo shots of engine in many angle before the work was done so after work was done, I noticing that there is one wire from wire harness near back of engine that was not connect to anything. If I recall correctly, it was green. So I look at photos and I do not see this wire in any of my photos. Mechanic tell me that sometimes there are always extra wires for some options that perhaps my GTA did not come with. So I go on my way. However, I find out that when I drive my car on long trip, like steady road trip where I am driving for a few hour, I notice that after I get gas and get back on freeway, it is exactly 10 minutes before this 32 code light come on. Exactly 10 minutes after I turn on engine and go on freeway. Strange....I find out after alot of searching that what happen was mechanic did not plug in the wire that goes from that temperature element on the EGR valve. So computer is getting incorrect temperature reading because it not plug in and so a pontiac mechanic tell me that the EGR would stay open and engine would get too hot and computer would not know that the problem is because EGR is not close - because computer thinking that EGR is not too hot. It has to do with recerculating of the gas from cat. or something like that. So after I plug in correctly, this code 32 light never come on anymore....until in 2000, one of those small vacuum hoses that goes from that exhaust gas recirculating vacuum selenoid (mount under bracket that the coil is mounted to - in my 1987 5.7 GTA - I do not know if they all are at same area). Anyway, that vacuum hose was melt closed somewhere between the exhaust gas recirculating vacuum selenoid and the EGR - they are both link together with some vacuum hoses under plenum.

So in my situations, check the wire connection between the wiring harness and the EGR and the vacuum hoses between the exhaust gas recirculating vacuum selenoid to the EGR (and make sure that vacuum hose leading to the exhaust gas recirculating vacuum selenoid is not collapsed or melted shut anywhere in the line. That is what my problems are when I having this 32 code. Good luck, Yumiko
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