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Question catalytic converters

my car has the dual cat setup,one has already come apart inside about a year ago clogging my exhaust pipe and muffler.I am now hearing a rattling noise coming from the cats again,the same noise I heard when the last one came apart.I am considering having straight pipes put in there place (if I can even find somewhere that will do it).I just wanted some opinions on wether this is a good idea,or should I have the cats replaced.I called around a little for prices and for dual cats it's about $475.There are no inspections or smog laws in my state,and I want the best performance and no problems in the future.I am trying to avoid driving my car as to not clog my exhaust again.Any opinions or facts would be appreciated ! THANX 90 GTA
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well... if you don't have to worry about smog laws.. then go ahead and do it. A performance exhaust shop may do it for ya
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The best way to go is to change to a 3" high flow cat. You can get a Catco for about $100. This will allow you to keep your A.I.R. system. You may not have smog tests now but it probably wont be very long until all States have them. You usually only lose about 2-4hp with the cat over a straight pipe.
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