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Starting woes with '88 GTA

I've got an '88 5.7L GTA that has some starting problems. When I bought the car it drove home fine and later that week when I went to drive it it started up fine. I tried to start it two-weeks later and nothing. So, I had the battery charged up and it started fine. I drove the car about a half-hour and parked. Then I try to restart it roughly a half-hour later and nothing. The accessories worked but the engine wouldn't turn over. I tried it a few more times and finally the accessories wouldn't work. It's hard to believe that the battery would lose it's charge that fast?

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Re: Starting woes with '88 GTA

Greg, I've got the same problem with the car that I'm building at present. I've tried two new batteries and the same outcome both times...... nothing. I can jump start the car, but it will not start on its own. The battery goes down immediately if it is not unhooked.

Can anybody help us here.....?
Frankie Rider, 2
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Battery Problems

Hi Frankie,

Sounds like you have a Alt. problem or you have a direct short to ground. A small short will cause it to go down in a short time. I had a wire that was worn that was causing my problem. Hoped this helped. If you have a good ohm meter you may want to pull all your fuses and test to ground. That may help test it out faster. (also check your cables. loose or bad cables with cause it to go down in a heart beat. also bad ends)

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Re: Battery Problems

If it's an alternator problem how can I test it? If the alternator is bad are there any aftermarket higher-performance units available? Whenever something needs to be replaced it's always a good time to replace it with something better

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Re: Starting woes 88 GTA

Greg, I had a similar problem with my 87 GTA. All of the accessories worked but the car would not start once in a while. My battery would be fully charged but every once in a while my car would not start. If somebody jumper my car it would start right up. It was a gamble going anywhere.

I finally replaced my starter and never had a problem again. The starter had a bad spot on it somewhere. If it stopped on the bad spot I needed a jump.

I hope this helps you out. Good luck !!
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