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I need someone's opinion

I recently looked at an 88 gta to purchase for myself. It is red with the 350 motor and a digital dash. The paint isn't that good, the spoiler is cracked and the hood as some paint blemishes. The interior is almost mint. The front skirt is also cracked. It has a hypertech computer chip, flowmaster muffler, k&n air filter charger and slp headers. The guy was asking 43 for it and he said he would take 3,900 for it. My dad said dont give him any more than 35. The car ran great. What do u think?

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Re: I need someone's opinion

I think, it is not a good idea to buy a car from someone who don't like it. If there are so many blemishes around the car don't buy it at all. You would have much trouble. I think this is even the same whether you buy a car here or at your home.
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Buying Used Cars

The exterior problems are minor at least there are no dents indicating accidents. Check the other panels by sighting along lines for straightness; however, if these were fixed he probably would have had the hood painted at the same time. You did not mention rust which should be avoided. Even a little body rust can be the tip of an iceberg. If all the body panels have faded eqaully over time you can be reasonably comfortable about no previous accidents. Brighter new paint over some panels indicate something was recently touched up.

You should have mentioned how many miles/km the car has on it. That is one of the most important statistics on buying used cars.

The car has had a some high preformance modifications. Now how do you thing he has driven it? How would you have driven it with these parts? What is the age of the owner guys in their teens and twenties will generally have driven the car harder than more mature owners. Is he the original owner - this can be hard to verify? Definitely have the car checked out by a mechanic. Can the owner provide receipts for all the work done especially the high preformance parts to indicate how long they have been on? I have receipts for everything done on my 1989 GTA since I bought it brand new and receipts for oil changes every 5000 km.

On price I do not know where you live and your market but, where I live in Western Canada, I have seen these GTA's listed from $6000 to $9500 in Vancouver and Calgary depending on options and condition. However, I am not sure how currency differences across the border affects economics if you are in the USA. Therefore, it is difficult to comment on price - your mechanic could advise you on a fair price given the condition of the car and your market. These types of inspections go for about $50 and are cheap insurance.

The state of the interior in encouraging. A well kept interior with everything working is a sign that proper maintence was done. Riped seats, parts not working, light bulbs out does not speak well of the owners commitment to the car. Of course he could have just cleaned it up to sell it.

When buying a used car you have to expect things will go wrong in the first year or two after you buy it and then there is normal maintenance from wear and tear. A rough rule of thumb is budget $1000 to $1500 per year for maintenance if you want to keep the car in mint condition depending of course on how much you drive it.

Hope this helps.

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