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Low Oil Pressure After 10 minutes of Idle. HELP!!!

Hi Everyone,

I have a question about low oil pressure. On start up it has perfect oil pressure. Around 45.(It's digital dash) After 10 minutes of running it drops to 0 And beeps. Hit the gas and up it comes to 45. Then drops again. The oil has been changed and there is NO Engine chatter or any noise what so ever! Some people say change the oil filter(which has been changed) Some say it could be the oilpump or pick up screen. Others say it could be gunk build up n the valve covers blocking the oil flow down. I'm taking the car in next week to a mechanic. But any info would be GREAT. I dont want to be taken. It's a 305 TPI on a 88 GTA trans am. THANKS Very much!! could it be a sensor or sending unit?
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Re: Low Oil Pressure After 10 minutes of Idle. HELP!!!

One of my 88 GTAs does this same thing as well. It's not a digital dash car, but the oil pressure gauge fluctuates on occasion..... really annoying.

I've had all the sending units replaced, and I thought maybe the oil pump and/or pickup might have had some problems.... which, according to my dealer, is a very expensive repair. But they even put a mechanical gauge on it to ensure that it was getting proper oil pressure at all times (it was). Their result was:

The gauge has a short to ground somewhere up in the dash that intermittently loses contact.

They told me "so long as I didn't hear any knocking or other violent sounds when the oil pressure was reading almost zero, then there really wasn't a problem. If it started making strange/terrible noises, shut if off right quick!"

I know, I know.... not the most eloquent explanation, but it's worked for almost three years now with no problems. It just seems that the gauge has a "mind of its own". But the car burns no oil and runs fine through all circumstances. I'm not going to tear that dash out for something like that; now if I ever have to do anything else to another gauge or dash part, then I'll have it traced down and fixed. But until then, no way....

Have your mechanic hook a gauge to your car to monitor the actual oil pressure too; it might be that you have a gauge problem instead.....
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Low Oil Pressure After 10 minutes of Idle. HELP!!!

I think there is one other option for you to ensure peace of mind. I'm not sure how easy it is to do with the engine in the car, but on the top of the block on the driver's side, behind the head there is a small plug. You can remove that plug and install a mechanical oil pressure guage (20 bux for an autometer at pep boys/autozone etc) that is driven directly by oil pressure. I do have a jpg that shows where the plug is if your interested...

Good Luck
Bob M

P.S. I hooked a mech. oil pressure guage up to mine becuase we lost the plug (its small) when we put the new engine in
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