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Old 03-19-2015   #1
87 GTA 305 Auto
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Molded Heater hoses

My car is missing the metal pipe that runs along the frame rail that goes from heater to oil cooler and bypass valve.
It has somewhat of a spaghetti mess of straight rubber hoses replacing it.

I am getting ready to replace the heater core and I have a used metal pipe that I am going to install so I can put hoses back like original.
Can someone help confirm molded hoses that I need?

From Rock auto I see I need the following

Heater Hoses:
1. ACDELCO Part # 14175S {#88907172} Professional|Molded; 13/16" x 9-13/32" Heater To Pipe-1; FI; Cut to fit

2. ACDELCO Part # 18054L {#88907494} Professional|Molded; 5/8" x 26 11/16" Heater To Valve; FI; w/A.C.

3. ACDELCO Part # 16155M {#88907395} Professional|Molded; 3/4" x 21 11/16" Pipe-1 To Valve; FI; W/A.C.

My main question is in regard to oil cooler.
4. Is there a molded rubber hose connecting heater/bypass metal pipe to oil cooler metal pipe?
5. Is there a molded rubber hose going from oil cooler return metal pipe to radiator?
Or is it that these are just cut from straight hose?
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Old 03-24-2015   #2
90 L98 TransAm
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Re: Molded Heater hoses

I replaced most of my hoses nine years ago using the Goodyear Super-Hi Miler Kit for '87 - '92 5.0L and 5.7L Firebirds and Camaros (#5002). If you can get over the royal blue color of the hoses this is one option. they are still available on the auction sites for less than they cost back in the day. take a look at a picture of the hoses in the kit as it may help you figure out what you need. Goodyear used to have some helpful info on coolant hoses needed for particular vehicles but I can't find the site anymore.

I can't recall if the short factory hoses that connect the oil cooler to the hard pipes were molded or not but the Goodyear kit uses short section of straight hose. the kit includes a 6" section of 5/8" heater hose which I suspect is for the oil cooler connections.

and while you are replacing the oil cooler hoses you might want to consider replacing the oil cooler gasket. for my car it was GM #14087586. they are selling on the auction sites for ~$44 (a nice profit for someone!). and there may be aftermarket gaskets available also at a more reasonable price.

consider taking a few pictures and making a thread on hose replacement as it will help others in the future.
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Re: Molded Heater hoses

Yes, the oil cooler rubber hoses are molded, all 4 of them.
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