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can I reuse rubber/plastic GM Vortec intake/head gaskets?

I'm doing a TPI Vortec head swap on my 89 GTA, and I am retaining the stock exhaust manifolds. (for cost reasons)

I need to remove the passenger side head and put it back. (engine never started since install) I'm using the factory GM plastic/rubber (or whatever they are) Vortec gaskets. Can they be reused? I am also guessing I can reuse the GM Vortec intake gasket?

I was assembling my TPI Vortec w/SD intake and realized I needed to take one of the heads off to tap a bolt hole since the L98 heads have an extra exhaust manifold bolt hole - the passenger side uses the outer bolt hole that the driver side does not use.

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Re: can I reuse rubber/plastic GM Vortec intake/head gaskets?

Well, my local GM parts guru says they can be reused as long as they are undamaged. But he said he has never heard of any customers actually doing it. The Vortec VC gaskets from GM are about $20 per side.
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Re: can I reuse rubber/plastic GM Vortec intake/head gaskets?

^what Frankie said, but IMO, spent he $$ and just get some more. Some times a piece of mind is worth the extra $$$.

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