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Old 06-24-2003   #1
F-Body Member
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Location: Ontario, Canada
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engine stalls-no power

Anyone ever have this happen?. I have an 89 GTA 5.7 litre. While stopped once in traffic a few weeks ago and yesterday at a traffic light my car would just stall. Revs would all of a sudden drop from idling at 700rpm to 0 and the car would die. Turn the key to restart the engine and nothing happens, no click, no sound at all. It is like there is no power, however all the dash lights come on when I try to start it. Battery has lots of juice. Try starting it in neutral and the same thing happens. Wait about 10 minutes and try again and it starts right away. It is like something has shut power off to the ignition perhaps, and after about 10 minutes it resets itself. The ignition has never been tampered with. Does anyone know if there is a sensor that may be causing this that may be shorting out or has anyone had similar problems with their car. This car has 110k miles on it, I've replaced in the last year, injectors, IAC, EGR, 02 sensor, wires. I checked the TPS and it is reading correctly 0.54. I am not getting any SES codes either. Thanks for any advice.
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Old 06-24-2003   #2
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Hey Bryce........You are not alone. I have a similar problem. When I shut off the car after a lot of driving (Temp. 200+) and try to start it back up, it won't crank (as if the battery is dead, but it isn't, it's a new Die Hard Silver). When the car cools down after 30 minutes or so, the car starts fine. My car never stalled out like you were saying, but sometimes wont start after shutting off. My suggestion............check your starter (power load). Do you have an alarm system installed? Maybe the kill switch is malfunctioning?(short) I had a short in my kill switch, problem gone. Hope this helps.
88 White GTA - 5.7L, Accel dist, cap, rotor, 8.8mm spiral core wires and Super Coil - RapidFire Plugs - Perf. Chip - Flowmaster 3" Exaust with No Cat! - plus minor tweaks (adj. fuel press. reg, airfoil, K&N, etc.) - 13's@100mph
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Old 06-25-2003   #3
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Location: Bloomfield, NJ
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It sounds to me like maybe you pass-key is flipping out. This wouldn't explain why it stalled in the first place, per se, however it does sound kind of like how mine reacted when my pass-key system died.
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Old 06-25-2003   #4
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Location: Ontario, Canada
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It did it again this morning while pulling into a parking spot. Just stut down however, this time when I went to restart it it started right away. There is no alarm and the car is not overheating at all. It does act as if there is a kill switch but there is not. Thanks for the advice guys.
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Old 06-25-2003   #5
john dziegielew
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had a similar problem...for me it was the starter..starters on these cars tend to be heat damaged by how hot the motor runs.
when car gets hot starter wont engage, have to wait until starter cools down then it works fine. solved it by putting in a new starter and a heat sheild to protect it.
hope this helps.
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Old 06-27-2003   #6
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If you have slow speed stalling troubles, you may try the egr valve. When they start sticking they cause stalling problems.
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