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Old 02-14-2002   #1
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Emblems replaced wrong!

Hi everybody,
Let me introduce myself, I have been around alot but never really posted much. My real name is Dave Freeman. I am an engineer for CAT. I live in Peoria IL.
Well here is my delima. I bought a 91 GTA with a 5.7 liter, 700r4, and saddle color leather interior. The car was a metalic maroon color and in excellent shpe except for a spot beginning to show on the door. Well since I was going to the trouble of starting fresh mechanically with everything else I decided I should start fresh with the paint. So I took it to a body shop were it was all disassembled and stripped to bare metal. Everything was then repainted factory color and cover with many coats of clear. The car looks fantastic and I am real pleased with the paint, BUT the body man placed the fender GTA emblems below the body molding centered between the wheel well and the door. I have talked to the shop and they didn't disagree it was wrong, but they didn't jumpt to fix the problem either. I am still waitng to hear back from them. Is this a hard fix? I imagine an emblem placement like this is pretty disgraceful. They did do a great job every where else they even replace the stickers that go in the door jams and all of that factory mumbo jumbo found in the engine bay an inner fenders. I really do not know what to do The car has not left the garage since I got it back. Sorry for the long post. Please tell me what you think.
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Old 02-15-2002   #2
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One point is, if you want correct placement insist that the paint shop do it for no charge. The paint is just about completely cured by now, so removing "hard" emblems when they were applied to fresh paint doesn't come off that cleanly.

Only GTA owners, (past and present) would be the only ones that would know the placement is wrong. But on the other hand you did put back down the original color code....so......
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Question getting what you pay for

Dave, ouch this is difficult one. It sounds like you spent some serious money on the paint. Part of the job you paid for would be removing and installing the decals in their original location. Some people could live with it, I for one could not. If the car is in excellent shape and you go to sell it a small goof like that can raise questions from a serious buyer.

Frankie, the board administrator, has a template on the proper badge location.

I agree with Oka, removing the badges now would more than likely casue come paint damage. This might explain why they do not want to move them. Good Luck
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If it was me, they'd move the emblems to the correct places. I don't care if they have to strip the fender and start fresh. If they had paid attention in the first place it wouldn't be an issue. There is no way I would accept their mistake after giving up my hard earned money. Have you paid them? Did you notice the mistake before you paid up?
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Old 02-17-2002   #5
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Personally, I would insist that the body shop replace the emblems to their proper location. The fact that they mistakenly applied them is not your fault.... especially if the car was there and the emblems were properly located before the repaint. A friend who owns a local body shop takes photos before all complete repaints to ensure that all moldings, emblems, etc. are returned to their proper location(s).

I applied the emblems to my black Notchback after it was painted, and then later had to remove them for the car to be wetsanded.... a bonehead move on my part. But I had no paint problems due to the procedure. I waited 30 days after the paint was applied, and then used the proper technique to remove the emblems with no damage to the finish whatsoever.
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Old 02-18-2002   #6
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My passenger fender and front end got damaged in an accident , and they placed my GTA emblem too far back on the fender,closer to the door, when they fixed it.It didnt cost me anything because it was the other persons fault and the insurance paid for it .So I let it slide,I was just glad to have a new nose on the car since the original one was starting to show it's age.Although I did notice it right away and hated it !,the rest of the body is not perfect and will need paint in the future.At this point I will make sure that all of the emblems are properly placed,(with pictures and Frankie's templates)!I would demand that they fix this,I can't even imagine the fact they did such an excellent job and then screwed that up so bad!!I would definetly make them make it right!!
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