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Tuned Port Runners

I'm considering different tuned port runners for my 87 350 tpi GTA. Does anybody have any information on what are the best ones to get, there are many different one to choose from. I would really like to see a comparision of the different brands in one of the many car magazines or some site on the internet. Will they kill the great low end torque of the L-98 to get a little more HP or will they help all through the rpm range, any input will help me in my decision. Thanks!
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Re: Tuned Port Runners

I ran SLP runners on my 89,liked them alot and they gave a different look too.Willing to sell if interested.
89 GTA
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big bore runners

Use TPIS runners. They have all kinds of charts showing horsepower and torque improvement. Just go to their website www.TPIS.com and get a catalog.
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Re: big bore runners

I've got big-tube Accel/Lingenfelter runners, throttle body, and plenum on my red GTA, and I like their products a lot. When I did my car, there were not all the different sources to get these things from; it was prety much what I got and TPIS. Nowadays there are many more products available: Edelbrock, Holley, TPIS, AS&M..... and on and on.

The best thing about the Accel runners (besides the increase in performance, of course) is that they are hard to identify as non-stock unless a stock car is right beside you. Just do some research: talk to some people who have the kind you are interested in and see what they say. Real-world research is always the best kind.....

Good luck.
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do you still have the slp runners for sale ? If so how much are you asking for them? E mail me at david9970@aol.com
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