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GTA TECH Want to discuss technical topics about your GTA.... engine tuning, mechanical upgrades, problem areas, etc.? Then post it HERE!

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Paging tommasini

Hi, this is in regard to your posts on page 3 of the tech forum.

The 1LEs WERE indeed limited edition. To get one you had to be a licensed SCCA racer and you couldn't order one through the dealer's computer. You had to write a letter to GM. There are around 1500 1LE F-bodies total from the beginning to end!!! (88-99)

The TTA got the 1LE brakes. Which was considered the only 1LE option.

The special fuel pickup and baffled gas tank was 1LE only. Regular F-bodies did not have these. I have the part numbers, they are different.

For 3rd gens, the 1LE package included all power option delete, special shocks, struts, and springs, a low restrictive dual cat setup, PBR aluminum dual piston calipers, 12" front disc brakes, 11.4" rear disc brakes, an aluminum driveshaft, engine oil cooler, baffled gas tank (some were 18 gallon), special fuel pump pickup,0.74 gear ratio(manual trannys), and 3:42s(305)/ 3:23s(350). GM equipped all 5 speed manual F-bodies transmissions with a 0.62:1 overdrive 5th gear. The gear was too tall and lacked torque(GM specifically did this for economical reasons). On the track, passing the mustangs was nearly impossible. So a steeper 0.74 gear ratio was slipped into all the 5 speed transmissions of 1LE vechicles. The 1LEs also received special 1LE tranny mounts.

To further the differences, special blue printed engines were offered for serious 1LE buyers.
There were capable of figures approaching 400hp. The engines themselves were $9000 back then. The same engine sells for $20,000 today.

You stated :"In the Hot Rod 1991 GTA test (also @this site) the 1LE option is mentioned as being only a HD front brake option. Possibly the 1LE fuel system (baffled tank with rotating pickup) had become standard equipment in the GTA, as it apparently had in the Z28. The 1LE deflected disc shocks were no doubt replaced by the WS6 gas shocks. "
The 1LE fuel system was never incorporated into any regular F-body.

You stated :" I found the information on sway bars and gastanks by searching the third gen.org archives. Someone has posted the part no. for the 1991 Z28 tank, apparently it was identical to the 1LE tank at that point. I relied on that information. It makes sense because many of the 1LE features were incorporated into other high performance Firebirds: Rear brakes,
Prop Shaft, Aluminum Spare, and there are probably others (bushings, wonderbar?)"

I have the part numbers, and I do not give them out. But I can assure you all the part numbers I have are for both the Camaro and Firebird. They are not separate part numbers!!!

The shocks, struts, springs, and sway bars are home to the 1LE. The only, I repeat....ONLY other 3rd gen F-body to receive all 1LE options was the $40,000+ Pontiac Firehawk. SLP ordered 1LE cars to make into Firehawks. They didn't order WS6's! 1LE is not WS6. Jim Mattison of Pontiac Historical Services made this very clear to me.
I have several articles that state the exact specifications of each part. If I can find them I will post the info here.

One more thing, ALL the info on 1LE.NET is not taken from any other site. Production figures were from Jim Mattison of PHS-online.com, technical info was taken from High Performance Pontiac(Oct.97 i believe),and the FAQs were written by the webmasters.

I am not trying to start a flame war, just stating the facts.

Take care.

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One more thing

Please state how 1LE.NET lacks Trans Am info? Camaro or Firebird... it does not matter! They received the SAME EXACT PARTS at the SAME EXACT TIME. One didn't have a certain part on a certain year that the other didn't.
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