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GTA NON-TECH Got a question about non-mechanical items related to your GTA.... whatever they may be? Then post it HERE!

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An aftermarket steering wheel can be swapped in because the steering
column is the same as other fbodies between 82-92. The only thing
you would have to do is modify the yellow disk that has the horn
and keypad receptacles in the column by cutting the receptacle
off(when disk is removed)or replace it with one(usually white)
that just has the horn receptacle that sticks up. The latter
would be more easy and you can find them at any autoparts store(
its a common item). Here are some instructions to help you out.
You take the keypad off by pulling on the pad itself(velcroed
on). Then you disconnect the horn connection by twisting it until
it springs off. Then you disconnect the ground off the tab and
use a thin flathead screwdriver to pry on the side of the connector
where the keypad connects until that seperates. Then take off
the nut that holds the wheel/keypad bracket on. Remove bracket.
Pull wheel off with a steering wheel puller. If you dont have
one then try to pull on the wheel from side to side until it
comes off(very tough and BE CAREFUL). Once the wheel is off,
you have a round retainer disk that has a shaft thru the center
and the horn connector poking thru. This retainer disk holds
all of the components behind it compressed via a "C"
clip on the shaft. This clip has to be removed by prying a thin
flathead screwdriver behind the clip until it pops off. Everything
behind the clip will expand and the retainer disk can now be
removed. Swap the yellow disk with the horn/keypad receptacle
with the new piece that has the horn receptacle only. Slide the
retainer disk back on making sure the teeth on the retainer disk
matches up with the shaft threads(kind of a keyway design). Installing
the "C" clip is done by putting pressure on the retainer
disk with your thumbs until it all compresses and slide the clip
down the shaft until it seats in its groove with a flathead screwdriver
. You might want a second person to help you in this step. Then
install your new wheel with the nut. Hope everything works out.
Thanks, STEVE Z
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