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GTA NON-TECH Got a question about non-mechanical items related to your GTA.... whatever they may be? Then post it HERE!

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About the ABS Seat Covers.....

It seems that we have been undercut by the folks over at TransAmGTA.com on the seat covers. Alex Claytor, the webmaster over there who supplied the pattern seats for the covers, has evidently struck a deal with Alan Faircloth and ABS to be the exclusive retail distributors for the new seat covers. I wasn't consulted by anybody about the decision, so I had no input on the situation.

So I guess that I've lost this deal for all of you out there, and I apologize to you for it. The "substantial discount" that Alan promised those of you who purchased kits through your relationship to the Source Page has evidently fallen by the wayside. So far, he has not answered my e-mails regarding the situation, and I have expressed my deep disappointment in how the whole arrangement has been handled.

On the other hand, I am not surprised, as far as Alex and the other website goes. I have had a lot of trouble with him and website piracy in the last year or so..... even now he has my ABS link up on his page. So there may very well have to be some legal steps taken in that direction as far as handling the problems I have with him. I guess it's so much easier to use stuff that is developed by other people and call it your own that to actually get off your can and develop some thing on your own. Anyway, enough grumbling over spilled milk.....

But, again, I do apologize for this deal going down how it has..... I thought that we all might really be in on a big step in restoring our beloved GTAs. Instead, it has become a way for you all to spend your hard earned cash to line somebody else's pocket. And for that I am truly sorry...... I feel like I've let everybody down.
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ABS Seat Covers

Frankie, You seem to have misunderstood this or maybe I never fully understood it anyway, the seat covers will be available directly from ABS, TransAmGTA.com is simply the only place "Online" you can buy them. Therfore, there will still be a discount for Source Page readers. When I used the link (which I thought was owned by ABS until reading this) I figured there was no harm as I "Thought" we were in this for the same reason, to help GTA owners better restore and recondition there GTA and simply help them out, not to start some kind of war with you. If Alan ever discussed with you selling the seats on your site I was never told of this by anyone that is why I stepped in on that part of it. I don't know what kind of deal you may have had with Alan but I in no way meant to take anything away from you or your site on this matter. Please get back to me on this.

Alex M. Claytor
Webmaster, TransAmGTA.com
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