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89 GTA Dash/Map Pocket

Just wondering how to tell which one is correct for these cars. I have noticed some have "GTA" and others have the orange Phoenix. Thanks.
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Re: 89 GTA Dash/Map Pocket

the source is this site...

Here is the dash pocket on one of our 1988 cars. Now this may not always say "GTA" like the one in the photo, but I have never seen a GTA with a dash pocket that said "Trans Am" on it. That was what threw up the red flag for me in the afore-mentioned 1992 GTA Convertible I was offered; all GTAs should either say "GTA" like the above shot or feature the gold Firebird emblem on the pocket. Personally I have seen cars equipped either way. The earlier cars (1987-88) will have the embroidered "GTA" logo pocket, and the later models (1989-92) will feature the gold Firebird emblem. The right photo is from a '91 GTA; during the years to style of pocket changed, but the logo featured on the front RH side did not. These dash pockets are not widely available anymore through normal used parts channels, so this might be a strike in your favor if the car has the incorrect style....
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Re: 89 GTA Dash/Map Pocket

My car came w/ the bird. I bought one w/GTA off EB for $10 ... I prefer the gta one looks cooler.

I heard they came w/both as mentioned...
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Re: 89 GTA Dash/Map Pocket

Thanks guys...trying to fig out which one is correct. PO removed and mounted MSD in that spot. I put the "GTA" pocket back on there, but recently noticed this variation.
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Re: 89 GTA Dash/Map Pocket

1987-1988 = GTA logo
1989-1992 = Firebird logo

IMO, they should have kept the GTA logo on the map pocket for the entire production run. I think it lends a certain "air" to the car.
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