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Old 12-02-2002   #41
Denis R
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Location: NYC
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Mr. Walter please be advised that rear brake adjustment as you describe only occurs with rear drum brakes and not disc brakes.
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Old 12-14-2002   #42
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Talking Best stop for the buck

I must say Denis, this fixed my breaks perfect. I knew there had to be something wrong but simple. Any car with 4-wheel disc should stop on a dime. I had the same problem as the rest of you guys that even cost me a new nose piece plus paint. As soon as I read the thread, I ran home and dove right in to it. I don't cre what everyone else thinks about you Denis, YOU"RE THE MAN!(ha,ha,ha) My car has a whole new attitude.
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Old 12-16-2002   #43
Denis R
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Join Date: Oct 2001
Location: NYC
Posts: 24

Happy to hear

I really do appreciate your post and wish you the best of luck. The first repair shop that i worked in an old irish mechanic told me once " a car that doesn't run can is ok but a car that doesn't stop now thats a problem"

Be well
Happy Holidays
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Old 12-21-2002   #44
Dano 00TA
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What luck that I just searched and found this topic. I just got done taking the pv off my 89 IROC cause my rear brakes are dead. I changed everything else and was getting ready to buy a new pv but maybe I wont need to now. I'm sorry if this was already answered but how many coils should I cut off the spring to keep the rears from locking up? Or should I take it completly out?

Boy with snow coming it'll be nice to actually be able to stop without having to put the car in neutral!!
2000 NHRA Edition Trans Am
Pewter Metallic
A4 3.23 Gear Midwest 3200 stall
Whisper lid, MAF Ends, Ram Air Kit, Exhaust C/O
Nitrous Express 150hp kit
1/8th:8.02@86.03 na
1/4:12.60@107.15 na
1/8th:7.87@94.30 n20
1/4:11.99@120.08 n20

1989 IROC-Z 5.7 Dual Cat
Auto w/3.27 gears
Accell 24lb injectors
Jet Stage 2 chip
Modified Air Box&MAF
AFPR&Air Foil
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Old 12-23-2002   #45
Denis R
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Join Date: Oct 2001
Location: NYC
Posts: 24

IROC Reply

I do not mean to sound like an a-hole but if you read each post carefully it will tell u exactly how to diagnos your system and find out if it needs to be removed completely or just shorten the spring
Happy Holidays
Best luck
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Old 05-09-2003   #46
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Anybody tried this on a DRUM brake car? My rears are doing little to nothing too.
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