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New User/headlight, torx, hood vent tips & QUESTION

Howdy one and all from Texas.. I am a new user if you can't tell. I am restoring an 1988 Bright Red GTA.. L98, Digital Dash, Gray Cloth with 122K miles. Owned by an elderly gentleman who took good care of it until a hail storm hit and then going down the highway, he chose to ignore the Coolant light on the computer.. It sat up for almost 3 years.. Needless to say, the pistons didn't exactly fall out.

Anyhow, Frankie, I wrote you a while back complimenting you on this website. If I had to use thirdgen, I would go nuts.. Everything is Camaro this and Camaro that.. ARGH!

Since I have read everyone else's tips, I have a few findings of my own so far. 1) I hear everyone trying to fix their pop-up headlights in every various way.. Goto www.corvettecentral.com and get part number #444359-Headlight motor repair kit and fix the problem correctly. It's only $4.95/kit for those round bushings - and they fit nice and tight. 2) When you buy torx bits to remove the manifold/runners/brackets, don't buy cheap ones that have sharp blades or tips.. I stripped my second bolt using them.. Returned them and got AC/Delco from O'Reilleys that have rounded edges (ie. more steel to grab the bolt). I not only got that stripped bolt out, but all the others with no problem and NO SCARS on the bolts! It actually fits so good, I had to lightly tap it in like your suppose to. 3) When removing those vents from the hood. There was a discussion about the 16mm bolt on the front vents that you can't get to it. Don't try to turn the bolt from the outside with a socket or etc, turn it from the INSIDE of the bolt. I stuck a wide flat screw driver on the INSIDE of the bolt and took it right off. This must be how the original GM tool did it putting them on.

This is my .02 cents to start with. May be old stuff..

My question, the plastic end tank on the radiator cracked. Yes, I could get this thing rebuilt, but does someone know of a good radiator (not aluminum - can't afford it) that has more layers and etc to cool this thing down and fits correctly for under $200?
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i bought the best torx bit i could find (mastercraft pro series) problem is, torx bolts are crap.....
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