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Reply for Free

Thanks Yous.


Say I saw a post on here about Tires Rubbing... I have a tire issue...

Back Tires are New Goodyear GT II's H-rated tire
Front left is a BFgoodrich
Front Right is a BFgoodrich

Front tires are different styles of tires..

Tread is way great on all 4 tires.. but previous owner didn't take pride enough to insure all 4 tires were the same..

I do plan on replacing all 4 tires with V or Z-rated tires...

What is best.. by your experience to eliminate Rubbing in the fender wells...

I am looking at the following

Firestone Firehawk SZ50 EP about 158 a tire...
I like the look of this tire.

Goodyear Eagle F1 GS about 135 a tire
Goodyear Eagle GS-C about 160 a tire

Michelin Pilot XGT Z4 about 159 a tire

Please tell me your opinions.. remembering.. I do not want the tires to rub the wells if possible...

Ultimately.. I would like to find a set of Goodyear Eagle VR50 Gatorbacks... the orginal tires for my 1992 GTA.

Lastly.. I may even buy just the two Goodyear Eagle GT II to match the back... just so I have 4 tires that are identical... because right now.. with 3 different style tires on the car... Handling Stinks... to put it lightly.. *smile...

Any and all in put is greatly appreciated... even if you just want to put me down for my spelling mistakes.. *smile.. ( I can Take a Joke )... *smile

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Re: Reply for Free

Karl, I've got both kinds of tires, Goodyear (Eagle GT+4s) and Firestone (Firehawk SZ50s)..... the Firestones will not rub nearly as much as the Goodyears do. They have a much smaller sidewall than the Goodyears do (big & massive), even though the actual contact patch is the same width. The Eagle GT+4s are about the same as the "Gatorback" VR50s were as far as rubbing the fenderwells are concerned. They have the same kind of sidewall stance.

Go with the Firestone Firehawk SZ50s and you won't be sorry..... they're the best tires I've ever seen.

Frankie Rider, 2
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I have had three sets of tires on my 89 GTA (including originals) in the 11 years I have owned it. I found rubbing only occurred when I would turn the steering wheel all the way to the left or right. I put mud flaps on the car which made the rubbing problem worse but protected the paint work.

It came with Goodyear Eagles ZR 50 Gatorbacks which I replaced them with for the second set. The third set I put on Goodyear Eagle F1 GS which are great tires, especially for wet climates where I live. I was told the F1 GS were made for wet climates. Rubbing only occurs again when I turn the wheel over hard in either direction. You are fortunate F1 GS's go for close to $300 a tire here in BC.

You may want to consider the environmental conditions in your area (rain, snow, hot desert climates) if you drive the car year round. Some tire companies have customized even their high preformance lines to different climatic conditions for different geographic areas.

Happy tire shopping.

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