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Digital dash conversion in progress......

Ok…..first of all, you may be seeing this post on several boards and email list. Is so, I appologize if your sick of seeing this. If you've read this, then please just pass it up…..thanks…..

Alrighty then. I have a very expensive experiment I want to try but want to get some ideas from some gear heads and some 3rd genners w/ experience.

I'm having thoughts of purchasing a digital dash out of a GTA Trans Am. I can get it at a good price, but I'm not sure if it will work in my analog Trans Am. My sources tell me the digital dash Trans Am has the same CPU/ECM (what ever…the brain….) as the analog Trans Ams. But I'm worried if I have to get a lot of sensors and if I can really pull this of. I don't know if I NEED to get different sensors, or if they are the same or what. Marks custom kits makes a digital dash compete that will just snap right in and no extra sensors would be needed. Just runs off the stock analog ones. I know you can just pull the whole analog assembly, gauges and all like an old nintendo cartridge, but will the digital one plug right in?? Looks like the A/C / heater vents will be in the same location, so the cosmetics will be OK. Hey, id be happy if just the Tach, Speedo and the Gas gauge would work, I dont need the onboard status thing operational, Ya know.

I do know I have elecric vehicle speed sensor.
And I did do a search on the board and read all the post regarding the "digital dash" and it seems no one has come up w/ the answer if it can be done, or if it has been done.

If any one has experience in the field of expertise, please let me know asap. If you see a digital dash on ebay real soon, youll know whos it is……and know the out come…….hahaha…..

Best regards,

Daniel (ILMODC)
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