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weird problem

ok, it may not be a problem at all, but i feel in my gut something may be wrong. I have never taken my car to the track so i don't have any timeslips, but the car doesn't feel as though it's the 340 ft/lb of torque that its rated at. How hard is it for you guys to smoke your tires? With my GTA it's like it smokes it's tires only occasionally, and it takes a lot of effort to even attempt a burnout. Even when I intentionally burn out, I have to mash the gas pedal all the way down to the floor right after letting go of the brakes to get some traction breakage, and even then, the burnout doesn't last very long, and I have traction again. Oh, and also, I see NO smoke from the rear tires as traction is broken, unlike those vids I see of IROCs leaving a trail of heavy white smoke behind them for yards. Is something wrong here? or is it just the norm for these older TPI engines? someone please help... thanks.

BTW, I have the 5.7L/Auto combination
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Power braking my car, at about 1500 RPM the tires break loose and after 2000 RPM the tires smoke.

From a dead stop, no brakes and mashing the pedal, the car will kick to the right and then when it shifts to second gear to the left. Leaving two long black streaks all the way until third where it finds traction.

The question is what have you done to your car. Changes in rear end gears, tires, and converter can really affect this.
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My car breaks tires very easily... like only part throttle. You may have the same problem I had, cause thats how my car ran. I had a bad ECM, even though I had a code 12 (ECM Operating). My problem was with TPS voltage, the ECM wasn't sending the right voltage, so the reference was screwed up.
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