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GTA NON-TECH Got a question about non-mechanical items related to your GTA.... whatever they may be? Then post it HERE!

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Old 03-14-2002   #1
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Is the a speed cut off on the 88 and 89 GTAs

I am purchasing an 88 GTA on the 15 of March. I was wandering if they had a top speed cut out like the newer vehichles, b/c I owned a 91 Camaro RS and it would cut out at @ 105.
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Speed governer.....

No. The `91 F-body, particularly the RS Camaro, had the speed limiter enabled in the calibration due to the speed rating of the O.E.M. tires that were equipped on that vehicle, which was H.
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I put "H" tires on my GTA. They are good for 130 mph.. I imaging the RS's just had S's or T's whichever, that are good for 113 or so.
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one thing i noticed about the spped ratings..its more then just speed its got alot to do with traction...befoer the shit rear tires i got on now "r" i had zr's and the traction was 10 times better on the zr's....with the "R" when i just let the car idle in first gear then smash the throttle the rpms will shoot right up to 5,500 and then ill push the clutch in and pop 2nd and the rpm's will shoot up to 5,000 and slowly come down when the tires hook up im doin about 50 mph and its not the clutch slipping because i can see ALOT of tire smoke and 2 big black posi marks along the usuall fish tailing....i can also drop the clutch in 2nd gear and theyll smoke to 60 mph....with the zr's ill start out the same way and ill hammer it and the rpm's will climb with speed with only a little bit of wheel spin and 2nd gear wont chirp theyll spin a little bit then its time to hold on....for these cars IMHO zr tires should be used...and they have a 186+mph rating lol.....i only need 143mph of it though (been there) lol
has n e one ever drivin there car as fast as it will go??
god its great lol
a simple "motor swap" has taken all summer..
come back next year
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