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Unhappy UMMM, i think i got duped

After working o the car today, i am uncertain if this is a real GTA.

The Spi is there, but this '88 has drum rear brakes, a standard pointiac steering wheel, The seats lokk nothing like what the pictures in the "authentication" section show, the emblem on the driver's headlight is silver. The emblems on the fenders are in the correct spots, but both fenders have the "gills" down below the emblems, Which it should not have,right?

I only paid 350 for this car, so i'm not real disappointed if it is not a real GTA, but it would have made it really sweet to find one so cheap.
Besides, if it turns out not to be a real GTA, i want feel bad ripping into it to make a street terror.

I'm still grinning, just not as big now
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Re: UMMM, i think i got duped

As long as the Y84 code is there, then it's a GTA. Unless of course they replaced the SPI label. In that case, there should be signs of tampering on the decal. Other than that, if it does have the SPI label, then the steering wheel and setas and headlight could have been changed over time.

The only way to know for sure would be take the VIN number down and order a packet from Pontiac Historical Services. It costs like $35, but they can tell you for sure if it's a GTA or not.


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Re: UMMM, i think i got duped

Hope you find out whether you got yourself the real deal or not. I want to send away for the packet myself just to have it. I think that would be a cool deal to have. Especially when the car is shown. Again, good luck!

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