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Old 08-18-2016   #1
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Im new here

So i traded for a 1987 pontiac trans am GTA buddy said it ran rough and all i needed he said was a new MAF sensor. I was able to drive/limp it home, all the while it sounded and ran like it wanted to stall out, had no power, just running pretty rough. so i got home parked it and while i waited for a new maf sensor to come in thought i get a new distributor cap n rotor, now it wont start at all.
turns over fine, and sounds like it wants to start but just cant get there,

is it either
A,, MAF sensor or
B,, if i didn't put the sparks plug wires back on properly,, although im almost 100 percent sure i put them on the way i took them off.
i guess what i asking is should my car still run if my maf sensor is unplugged or not, either way it still wont start, and im starting to think maybe the timming of off a bit, also i havent got the new sensor yet so the old one is still in.
either way i have no idea
any guesses?? thanx you
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Re: Im new here

got it running was spark plug wires, but when u floor it or give it gas it still wants to kinda bog out, MAF SENSOR??? or do i need to adjust the distributor abit?
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Re: Im new here

I had this problem
see post #9
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