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87 GTA Motor removal

Hi Guys new to the forum i have a Knocking noise in the bottom end of my 87 GTA 350 does this motor have to come out from underneath the car or can it come out from the top ?

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Re: 87 GTA Motor removal

can do either way.

Easier to pull it from the top in my opinion.

Hood should come off to make it easier. Distributor has to come out so it doesn't hit the firewall, transmission can come out with the engine if you like.

You can disconnect the wiring harness from the passenger side foot well or the engine. Your choice.

If you disconnect the harness from the foot well you need to reseal it with some silicone after re-installation.
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Re: 87 GTA Motor removal

Taking the engine out from the bottom would most likely be the most difficult way to do it, unless you have a shop that has the car lift. To remove the engine from the bottom, the car itself would have to be very high from the ground for it all to come out. This means that you would have to remove the entire front suspension before the engine can be lowered out. Do you know how much that involves? Front brake lines also because they running along that support that the engine is attached to. If you remove it from the top, you just have to remove the hood. Seems to me the more easier way to take it out is from the top. It is up to what you wish to do. Remove so many things under the car and then have the car up high enough so everything can come out or the other way that I mentioned from the top of it.

When we removed the engine from my GTA, we removed it from the top and only the engine. After the engine we removed the transmissions. We removed the hood from my GTA before we removed the engine. I can not imagine removing the engine while the hood is still on the car, because there just does not seem to be enough room to lift out the entire engine enough for it to pass over the top radiator support with the hood still on. Also consider that the lifting machine that will lift up the engine also has to have room over the engine. I think the hood has to be removed.

As for the wiring, we had disconnected all the wires from where they were connected to various places on the engine and so we did not have to cut any of them. Just disconnect everything and pull the wires out of the way so we could pull out the engine. We put back the engine after it was rebuilt the same way and so the wiring harness was then just reconnected to everything.

Good luck.....it is a lot of work to remove the engine and then put it back in. It took us about one month from the time that we lowered the engine back into my GTA until we actually had it all the way back in and started it for the very first time. Of course we were only working on it during weekends, but still there is so much involved when reinstalling the engine. Before turning it on for the first time, quality time should be spent to inspect everything and ensure that it is put back the correct way and that once it is running, nothing gets damaged like wires touching something that will get hot and so on.

Love like you have never been hurt before.

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Re: 87 GTA Motor removal

Took me about 6 hours to re and re a motor but it was just a motor transplant from one car to the other.

No cutting of wires either.

I pulled the harness from ECM and fed it back through the engine bay so everything was connected so again, it was just a simple drop in and go thing.

Pulling engine and transmission at the same time is a little easier but it does make a mess. Saves fighting to get at the bolts at the back of the block.

If you've got some ideas of replacing the K member and so on or needing to do suspension at the same time, this would be the time to do it.
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