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GTA NON-TECH Got a question about non-mechanical items related to your GTA.... whatever they may be? Then post it HERE!

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Really stupid question I shouldn't have to ask

I figure Frankie will answer this one with a long lecture that I deserve:

Whats the difference between Trans Am and Firebird?

Yes, I must be an idiot because I had to ask. I prefer my GTA Trans Am over my Firechicken (a family nickname for Firebird so don't kill me) anyday, but I don't REALLY know the differrence. So please don't bash in my door, kidnap me, and sacrifice me to a bonfire while waxing the mirror finish on your cars. sorry.

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Here these should tell you almost everything you need to know:



Frankie should be able to tell you anything else.

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First up: there is NO question that is really too stupid to ask.... EVER. That's how we all are able to help each other out. If you don't ever ask, you won't ever know....


The FIREBIRD is the Pontiac car line series.... the TRANS AM is one model in that car line series.

The Formula was considered an option package on the base Firebird, and the GTA was considered an option on the Trans Am. That is why there is only two digits used in the VIN to denote the car model.... S or W.

Still, all models (GTA, Trans Am, Formula, and Base) are considered Firebirds because they are all part of the car line. The differences are registered in the standard and optional equipment that are used on each model.

Is this what you were wanting to know?
Frankie Rider, 2
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Thank you very much. That was exactly what I needed to know. And you softened the blow for me too, what a nice guy.
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Cool Im Impressed...........

Very, Very well stated there Frankie.............
Thanks, Joe.

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