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GTA NON-TECH Got a question about non-mechanical items related to your GTA.... whatever they may be? Then post it HERE!

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Old 03-24-2003   #1
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Help with Tail lights...

My '91 GTA has the formula/firebird tail lights on it. Anyone know where I can find the T/A GTA tail lights?


-Mike T
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Old 03-24-2003   #2
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Check on E-Bay - I see them listed there quite frequently
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Old 03-24-2003   #3
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Give me a week, if I get my new 90 GTA, the old totaled one will be parted out. wheels, tail light assembaly, dash, and everything else that isn't crushed or needed in the new one. I'm not sure, but I don't think the styles changed 90 to 91. Don't quote me on this though, I haven't written the check yet.
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Old 03-24-2003   #4
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yes, the taillights did change from '90 to '91.

and just keep looking for them. post messages on every board you can find. call every junkyard you can. ebay has them sometimes, but they cost so much on there. luckily i found mine for $100 because a guy who owns a junkyard in california emailed me. i lucked out big time..............
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