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GTA Year: 1989
GTA Engine: 350 TPI Automatic
Corvette Heads swap

Hi guys,

I have the chance to pick up a set of Ali heads from a 90 C4 Vette. My car is an 89 GTA 350 and both motors are L98. I have tried to do a little research first but getting confused, I would just like to know if they will fit, i.e. bolt straight on or if it is a waste of time. I am going to pull my engine over the winter anyway to clean it up so this would be a convenient time to change them. Your help and advice appreciated.

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Re: Corvette Heads swap

Years ago I had these. They bolt right up. I can't remember if I had problems with the angle plugs though. When I bought my AFRs, I went with the straight plugs but I can't recall why...

They're an OK head. Just don't pay to much for them. Hopefully you're getting a great deal or I'd save and buy an aftermarket set.
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Re: Corvette Heads swap

Don't forget the EGR difference.

Read this.

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Re: Corvette Heads swap

Originally Posted by DynoDave View Post
Don't forget the EGR difference.

Read this.

Interesting setup on that Vette. But looking at the pix in that link, it doesn't appear that this suspect EGR tube connects directly into the head. If that's the case, the Vette heads probably would just bolt directly to the block on your Pontiac. Would valve size matter between applications, from a Vette to a Pontiac, in the event that the valves are of a different size between the two? I got another question, would the Vette heads require a specific size of piston in order to provide it's full performance potential compared to the pistons that come in the Pontiac? I got a feeling that if the heads are changed to increase the engine's overall performance, the pistons would also need to be changed out as well. Could be other things within the valvetrain.

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